Wednesday, April 27, 2011

Name Change

I’ve talked a lot on this blog about names. How we so often wear a name tag we never were meant to wear. God’s still been working with me on this one, and I want to share something.

I recently read Ruth. There’s a lot of great lessons in that book. But what jumped out at me was how Naomi renamed herself Mara, which means bitterness. Here she had a beautiful name that meant pleasant or delightful, and she allowed her circumstances to rename her. Now God renamed several people in the Bible: Abraham, Sarah, Jacob…but here is an instance of someone renaming themselves.

Maybe just like Naomi, you renamed yourself. Maybe Bitterness, like her. Or maybe it’s Insignificant, Ugly, Worthless…oh, satan is full of names we’re never meant to wear. But, read Ruth. Go on, read it. Naomi renames herself, but no where else in the scripture is that name used. She is still called Naomi through the entire book. See, all scripture is God-breathed (Timothy 3:16), which means that even though Naomi tried hard to call herself by a new name, God never did – because He knew it wasn’t her name. She'd chosen it. He hadn't given it.

Are you wearing a name you’ve given yourself? One you aren’t supposed to have? Rip off that name tag. It’s not yours! God has a name for you, don’t scribble it out and write your own on top. The one He’s given you is much too beautiful to cover.

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