Friday, May 6, 2011


After a long, hard week and an even longer day with my children, I ran off to hide in a quiet corner. There isn’t one. I am overwhelmed and asking myself why I do this.

You see, tending this garden of my little “flowers” can be a frustrating experience. I keep getting pricked by the thorns, and the weeds I pulled yesterday I must have missed the roots because they are springing back up again. I’ve pruned back stems hoping for good growth, but I’m still waiting to see those colorful petals burst forth. I’m hot, I’m tired, and I don’t really want to keep caring for this same little plot.

Honest enough for you?

Well, after my little pity party I opened God’s word. I should have done it earlier.

He brought me back to 2 Timothy 1:5. “I remember your genuine faith, which first lived in your grandmother Lois and in your mother Eunice and, I am persuaded, now lives in you also.” (2 Timothy 1:5)

Paul is writing this to Timothy, a grown man whose life was greatly affected by his mother and grandmother. This verse made me realize, once again, how strong a mother’s role is in her child’s life. Think about it. What our mother says and does stays with us, helps form who we are. No pressure or anything…**sigh**

It’s true though. We shape these little ones by our voice and actions. It’s part of the pruning process. I know I was shaped by my mother. Recently, I spoke with my brother about family resemblances and he noted he sees our mother when he looks in the mirror. I laughed! He sees her in the mirror, but I hear her when I open my mouth. Thirty-seven and she only comes out stronger each day!

Many of you know what I’m talking about. For some of you, this is a good thing. For others, it’s a battle. But the faith line can start with you. And it doesn’t mean you need to be perfect. Wow – what child wants to live up to a perfect parent? Our imperfections scream our need for God. His grace answers, covering them. And our faith is what connects the two.

So, Moms, live your faith. Speak it over your life, in your struggles and in your victories. Pull that weed…again, bandage that scratch from the thorn, put on gloves and go back in. Make sure your garden gets plenty of Sun and keep it watered from the Spring of Life. Drink some in yourself while you’re at it. One day, when your kids look in the mirror and see you – they’ll also see God. And when they open their mouth and swear it’s you speaking, they’ll hear God. Because you are more than “just a mom”, you are the caretaker of their faith.

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