Friday, June 24, 2011

Changes Coming

I love words. Speaking them, writing them, reading them…love them.

I was a very early reader and that soon rolled into writing. These past two years I’ve been writing more and more, and that led me to joining ACFW (American Christian Fiction Writers). What an amazing place! Not only am I learning and growing in my craft, but I’m meeting fantastic writers; some I’ve read and some who are new to me. All share one common thread—they write for the Lord.

Now, I read all genres. I love me some romance—I’m a true romantic at heart. But I also love a good “whodunit”, a touch of suspense, or a story that makes me grab a box of tissues. I love to get to know characters and see lives changed. I read to grow, or at times I read simply for the entertainment. Stories captivate me. I think sometimes it is simply how I’m wired. I see the world in stories. And I love that Jesus was the ultimate story-teller. He taught us so much through His parables. It’s one of the reasons I write, and also a reason I read.

Lately I’ve been praying about my blog—just wait, I’m connecting this all—and God’s been moving me to make some changes, and as this blog belongs to Him, I figure I better listenJ So, over the next few weeks I’m going to be re-organizing…err…or maybe just organizing. The changes will be very small, and made so I can continue making Steps forward in this journey He has me on. I’ll still be writing devotionals and the thoughts He lays on my heart, but one of the other things I’ll be doing is introducing Bookshelf Fridays. I want to high light some of the books other authors are writing and share my other love—reading. While the books will come in all shapes and sizes, they will all have a thread of faith in them.

One of my friends recently wrote to me that “we hold the pen, but He writes the story”. It's a statement that encapsulates everything I feel about writing, and life as a whole. He’s still telling stories today, through our lives in so many ways. My hope is to bring some of them to you, whether through writing what's on my heart or sharing something I've read. And whichever it is, may it all point back to Him.

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