Saturday, July 30, 2011

Bookshelf Friday-err...Saturday

Somehow I've lost a day this week--if someone finds it can you please give it back! What should have been my Friday post is now my Saturday post:) Hope you all don't mind.

Okay, the, I must say I do not like textbooks. Never have. I learn by doing, so when people began to tell me about Browne & King's Self-Editing for Fiction Writers I was skeptical. Not that I didn't appreciate their suggestions, but I wasn't about to open a dry, stale book on how to write. I could not have been more wrong!

Browne & King-editors themselves-have a clever way of teaching several very important tools to new writers such as myself. Point of View, Show versus Tell, Beats, Characterization...and so much more. Their writing is lively, easy to read, and--for learners like me--each chapter closes with exercises for you to try. The answers to all the exercises are in the back, so you can easily see how you've done.

I've already learned so much from this book--it now sits beside me as I write--and I highly recommend it. Critique groups are great, but learning your tools and sharpening them is a must for all writers. If you haven't already picked Self-Editing for Fiction Writers up, you need to. It'll be the best $8.00 you spend on your writing.


  1. LOL. Happens to me, too, Susan. The week sorta slips by...

    I have not read this book, but based on your review, I'll definitely add it to my tbr list. Love the idea of hands-on activities and, YOWZIE! Answers, too??

  2. Dora--you'll love the book:) It's clear cut and teaches you the "rules" with the idea that once you know them, you also understand when to break them. They've got such a practical approach and approach it in a fun way. A very easy read with a great take-away. HA - can you tell I liked it:)