Monday, August 29, 2011

Pick Me...just not when I'm busy.

Things have been busy around the Tuttle household this last month of summer. Up here in the North we don’t start school until after Labor Day, and we’ve been busy soaking up every day left of sunshine and freedom. The cost? I’ve turned into Mom’s Taxi Cab. Suddenly I can see why my mom purchased a little red sports car once we all had driver’s licenses.
The Taxi Cab status is my fault though, really. As a homeschooling mom I look forward to being “fun-mom” all summer. Yeah, well, this summer “fun-mom” wore me out. And I complained to my hubby—something along the lines of how many hours he was working and how much I was alone with the kids—that I needed some back-up.
Fast forward a few weeks later. I’d forgotten I’d complained, it was a sunny day, and we decided to meet Daddy for lunch. As we sat at the table, he casually asked me what I had going the last week of summer. “Oh,” I replied, “you mean next week? Why?” And he delivered, gleam in his eye and all, “Because I took off the week to spend with you guys. Made plans to go away even.”
I didn’t have the best response.
“I’m busy.”
And I didn’t stop there. I started to detail how he was cramping my procrastinator’s style. “I have to get ready to start school…I have to get supplies…clean the school room…buy curriculum…lesson plan…and this week is simply too full of playing to do that—which only leaves me next week. The week you just took off. To spend with us.” See, I know on the first day of summer the exact second the next school year begins. A clock runs in my mind at all times; its tick-tock the music to which I creatively organize my checklist of everything needed to be done by fall. And by creatively organize I mean put off until the last week of summer. Did he really think I had time for him to take that week off?
Here’s the thing though, he was giving me exactly what I asked for. He’d heard my request, and wanted to surprise me with his answer. Because he loves me.
Okay, how many times do we do this with God? How often do we sit before Him, hand waving, “Pick me! Pick me!” only to have Him actually call on us and hear, “Yeah, well now I’m busy.” How many opportunities do we miss because we don’ t make time for Him when He calls our name?
Well, I’d like to say I had this revelation all at once and changed my attitude. No such luck. I was pretty sure I was right and that he completely did not understand me or what my time was worth. Lucky for me my hubby loves me and still took the time off. Lucky for me God loves me and got a hold of my brain.
So this week I’ve rearranged a few things. Pushed myself to get things done ahead of time and allowed other things to simply not get done. Ohhhh is that hard for this girl, but I’ve realized something. My checklist is not as important as being available. (I’m sure somewhere in here is a lesson on procrastination too, but we'll save that for later.)
What about you? When you're called, what wins? Keeping your time or giving it?


  1. Thanks Susan, brings tears to my eyes.

  2. Ouch! I'm so guilty...

    I'll do better with the procrastination lesson. :-)

  3. Your husband sounds amazing. I'm glad you rearranged your plans to enjoy him this week.
    Have a great time!

  4. He is amazing:) And we've been completely enjoying the week. So glad I'm not the only one with this learning curve!

  5. Wow, what an awesome post. And what an awesome hubby! So tell us, how did the week go? =)

  6. It went fantastically! He is a really great guy:)