Monday, August 8, 2011

Senses ~ Touch

Touch physically connects us to something. It is powerful. That connection can be soft and gentle, or harsh and angry. It can rub you like sandpaper or flow over you like a soothing balm.
When I started to think about touch, two things came to mind. The first was how over and over again in the New Testament, people simply wanted to touch Jesus. They crowded Him, followed Him, reached for Him. They knew a simple touch of Jesus would change their lives. And it still does, even today. His touch changes lives.
But as I thought about our changed lives, I wondered: how do we touch others?
We are called to be change in this world. In it, but not of it. So how does our touch affect those around us?
Are we soft when we need to be? When those around us hurt, do we reach out and love them? Wrap our arms around them, sit with them, listen to them…be the gentle hand of God.
Are we rough when we need to be? Now I don’t mean rough like angry and mean. I mean rough like the sandpaper I mentioned above. That little rubbing that gets someone’s attention. Doesn’t let them walk into sin easily…but calls their attention to it.
Are we firm when we need to be? Do we tug those back who start to stray from God? Hold tight, don’t compromise, but still love. A strong grip on their arm to pull them back into God’s presence.
If we are His hands and feet, we need to make sure each touch we offer connects others back to God. So what type of touch will you be today?

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