Monday, September 19, 2011

Behind the Mess

Wednesdays are our really, really long day. Last week when we got home, my youngest decided to pull out all our dominoes and spread them over the kitchen table. She was being creative--and quiet--so I left her to play until it was time to tuck her in.

The next morning I woke up early, relishing the quiet in my home. It's about the only quiet I get all day. I go into stealth mode. My daughters' rooms are not too far from my kitchen, and they hear everything. So, picking up dominoes would have to wait until they woke up. I could do my devotions around those hundred little white tiles. Problem was, my Bible wasn't on the sofa table as usual. It wasn't on the kitchen table. Nor the counter. Nor by my bed. I spent a good ten minutes silently scouring the house and came up with nothing. Frustrated, I went back to the kitchen and stared at the table. As my Dad used to say "it couldn't have grown legs and walked away".

It hadn't.

After another five minutes I discovered it--under the pile of dominoes.

God chuckled at me, I'm sure I heard Him. "See, I'm always here, even behind the mess."

I shook my head, even as His words hit my heart, so true, so simple. And oh, how we need to know that truth! To have eyes to see past the clutter and find Him. All too often we ask God, "Where are you?" We focus on the mess in front of us and miss Him right there, smack-dab in the middle of it.

I don't know what your mess is today--depression, anger, sickness; whatever it may be--but I do know this: He's there.

Seek Him today. You will find Him. He's right there, waiting...just listen to His promise,
You will seek me and find me when you seek me with all your heart. Jer.29:13 And He never promises something He won't fulfill.

Blessings today:)

Looking for more promises that He's there? Check out: Deut. 4:29, Prov. 8:17


  1. Oh my. This blog is so very timely for me this morning! : )

    Thank you for the encouragement today, sometimes it seem as though manipulative people are everywhere working their messes behind the scenes ever so cleanly.

    God is bigger and yes, He is here today.

    Bless you! ~Amelia

  2. Love this. I chuckled when I read that your Bible was under the Dominoes. lol.

    And your words are much needed. Thank you for the reminder. :)

  3. Again, such a wonderful post, Susan. Thank you for sharing this beautiful perspective. He's there . . . He's always there.

    God bless you!

  4. Very timely. I guess depression is my mess at the moment.
    You're right, it's hard to see Him in the middle of it, especially when He's silent. But I guess faith is about knowing, not seeing.
    Thanks, Susan!

  5. My mess: slobber, a runny nose, toys and crumpled tissues from watching a sick grandbaby today. Thankfully, my Bible stays tucked high enough that Mason can't reach.

    I so needed to see this today, Susan. Now that sick grandbaby has been picked up, I think I'll sink in my recliner and offer up a prayer of thanksgiving that I made it through the day!

  6. Dora - I'll pray you get that quiet time:)

    Kenneth - Depression is such a hard one, but God's light can pierce it. I'll be praying you see him, my friend.

  7. Amelia - I love the music on your blog...I typically have my speaker off so I've missed that! Thanks for all you share there. A Godly home is what I pray for. Thanks for stopping by:)

  8. Sheri - Glad I provided a chuckle. And maybe next time I won't let the mess sit...hmmm...maybe there's another lesson in there!

  9. Michelle - He is always there. I love the song you shared today over at your blog. Two of my favorite artists and one of my absolute favorite Bible stories! My pastor's even been preaching on that one lately. Love that story.

  10. it's 2 am , by accident i landed on this site and God is speaking to me!