Wednesday, September 28, 2011

Crazy Praise

Dance in abandon. Raise your hands and sing—even if you’re off key. Clap your hands. Maybe even be reduced to tears—happy ones.
Praise. Crazy like.
Be like David as he danced before the Lord with all his might. He was King. You know people were watching him. His wife Michal was embarrassed. But what was his response? “I was dancing before the Lord! He picked me! So I celebrated before Him. My dancing may appear foolish. My singing may humble me. But it’s not about me. I’m going to praise Him!” (my paraphrase of 2 Samuel 6:21-22)
Remember today – He picked you. Saved you by grace. Washed away all your sin. Made you a new creation. You are no longer who you were, but you’re becoming who He created you to be. That’s worth maybe a Hallelujah or two.
Go ahead, pull out the David in you and give Him a little crazy praise today.


  1. Susan, your posts are small, but they carry a huge impact! Bless you! This was just what I needed to read this morning. :)

  2. Crazy praising into Vermont. People around here are looking at me a little funny. lol. Thanks for the great post, Susan.

  3. Praising the Lord that He picked me! It amazes me every day!

    Have a blessed day, ladies!

  4. I've been doing a little dancing around here too today ya'all - my children, I'm sure, are glad to be nowhere around me right now:) Hope your day has been blessed!