Monday, September 26, 2011

Love, Lofts, and Rocking Chairs

Today is my 14th wedding anniversary. Look at those crazy kids up there, beaming, no cares in the world, living on love. Reality hit the next morning. No one told me he was a morning person. Now, there’s a lot I could say about love, even pull out 1 Corinthians 13. Instead I’m just going straight to—love is tough!

See, while Hubby and I have a lot of similar interests, there’s a lot of differences too. Hubby is not a talker, but I am. When he’s upset, he likes time to process, while I want to “talk it through”. He’s the classic optimist, I’m a realist (or in his words, a pessimist, but really, don’t you need to know all the scenarios that could happen? And plan for them?). He loves large crowds and talking to everyone he meets, I like wide-open spaces and clam up in a crowded room. Oh, and his ideal retirement plan? A loft in the middle of a bustling city. I’d like a couple acres, porch and rocking chair. How did we ever end up together?

That’s simple. God. And I think His plan was to teach us something about ourselves. Well it has worked.

That’s what love does. It pushes us beyond ourselves—way beyond ourselves. It shapes us into new people. Hopefully ones that begin to resemble God. Because ultimately, that’s who we’re supposed to look like here on this earth. What will you do today to move beyond yourself? Me? I guess I’ll figure out a place to put a rocking chair in a city loft someday.

14 years later, a couple more cares, grounded in a bit more reality, but we're still smiling and living on love...awww:)


  1. Happy Anniversary! Yay! Ya'll are still cute as ever! :)

  2. Awww, congratulations! I'm with you, Susan. Give me the mountains with a wraparound porch and a porch swing...ahhh!

    What a cute couple!

  3. Love this, Susan! How funny that both of our posts are about marriage - in some form or another. Happy Anniversary! Know that you're reflecting Christ's light! You're shining bright!

    Thanks for stopping by Life Lessons. So much to take in from the story of Ruth and Boaz! I'm sure the Lord is blessing your study. Thanks for your words of encouragement, my friend! Have a beautiful week!

  4. Happy Anniversary, Susan, and thank you for sharing this beautiful post!

    God definitely has a plan! It's amazing to watch it unfold.

    Sweet Blessings,