Tuesday, September 20, 2011

Lovely Encouragement

Two fun things came my way last week, both a bit of encouragement during a week that God knew I needed it. Thought I'd share.

First, FaithWriters asked to use on of my blogs again. I love this site and was happy to have a chance to send them one. It'll be up tomorrow if you want to check it out then: http://faithwriters.com/blog/2011/09/21/insufficient-insignificant/

Second, I received a "Lovely" award from a friend of mine, Jackie Layton. Thanks Jackie!

Passing it on requires me to list seven random things about myself, so here goes:

1. Fall's my favorite time of year.
2. I'm not much for candy, but cannot pass up a baked good.
3. I'm not good with chit-chat (makes me break out in a cold sweat), but I love to talk.
4. I can read a book--or two--in a day.
5. I struggle to remember names, but seem to have no problem with random facts that I may never use again.
6. I love fast-paced word games. Scrabble Slam, Bananagrams, Boggle...
7. I hate birds chirping in the morning. Give me quiet, and my coffee, then nature can sing:)

Now, I'm supposed to pass it on, and I am, but I'd like to do it a little differently. I want to highlight a few blogs from a group of ladies who are doing something absolutely Lovely themselves. Some of these ladies I've gotten to know and follow their blogs, and some were new to me. You'll want to check them all out. They have a huge heart for God and have started a Facebook page called Living by Grace. It's a wonderful place for discussion and growth centered around digging into God's grace. Here's the line-up:

And here's the link to their Facebook page. Enjoy and have a blessed day everyone!

Living by Grace


  1. Congrats, Susan! That's awesome. I'll be sure to check it out tomorrow. And I'm heading over to Living by Grace to "friend/like" their page. Thanks for sharing. Glad you were encouraged; you bless so many with your words!

  2. Congrats, Susan. You deserve it. :) Such fun. I've never heard of Faith Writers. I'll have to check them out.