Friday, October 28, 2011

Bookshelf Friday - Race Against Time

Race Against Time is the second book by Kimberley and Kayla Woodhouse, a mother/daughter writing team. This book is also set in Alaska and continues with the same cast of characters that were in No Safe Haven. I did not read No Safe Haven and had no problem keeping up with this book, but do feel the first book would only enrich this one.

Here's a short blurb:

Anesia Naltsiine has made mistakes that have cost her-and her 13-year old daughter, Zoya-dearly. But no more. She will prove her worth as a mother and as a breeder of champion sprint racing dogs. Her kennel is so successful that buyers come from all over the world. So why does she still feel so worthless?

Zoya misses the dad she never knew. All she wants is to follow in his footsteps as a champion sprint dog racer. But when she witnesses a murder in their town of North Pole, Alaska, she finds herself thrown into dangers and emotions she can’t begin to understand.

Enter Sean Connelly, a new employee at the kennel with demons of his own. When he discovers macrochips bearing military secrets implanted in the Naltsiine's dogs, a puzzle tracing back to the murder unfolds. Then strange "accidents" start happening; clearly someone wants Zoya silenced. Anesia tells her daughter it's not safe to race, but Zoya, angry with the world- and God-takes off across dangerous Alaskan terrain alone. Anesia and Sean must race against time to save the girl-and themselves.

This book is full of mystery and fast paced. If you pick it up, be prepared to approach your characters in a different way. Each section is introduced with bold-face type telling you whose POV you're in for that scene. Another unique writing trait is the switch from 3rd to 1st person. Zoya, the daughter, is written in 1st person while the remaining characters are in 3rd person. While that took me some time to settle into, the change was unique and refreshing.

The plot is intense and deals with death, struggling faith, and new love, all with a thread of suspense woven throughout. If you can slip past the structure of the book, you'll find yourself thoroughly enjoying the Alaskan landscape and this well-written story.


  1. Wow, this does sound fast paced and thrillerish. I think my hubby might like it. Stocking stuffer perhaps?

    Thanks for posting about it!

  2. Thanks ladies, it was a good book and very different than what I'm used to reading.

    Eileen, so nice to meet you. Thanks for stopping by! And glad to know I'm not the only one thinking about Christmas already:)