Monday, January 23, 2012

2012 Word

As this year began, I watched several of my blogging friends reveal words for the year rather than making resolutions. Their intent was to study the word God gave them throughout the year, pray over it and see what He wanted to do in that area of their lives. I was completely intrigued by this, and encouraged by the challenge they threw out. So I decided to pick a word too.
I knew God was already working on my focus of blessings this year. Training me to focus on blessings rather than problems. Pushing me to see how I could be a blessing to people around me. I decided ‘Blessings’ would be a great word for the year.
Until God nudged me. Reminded me that He was supposed to give the word, not have me pick it.
So I started to pray again. God was working on another area of my life, one He’s been shaping for over a year now—having courage. Stepping out when He calls. Shedding my “what-ifs.” I decided ‘Fearless” was the perfect word.

And I got nudged again. “Hands off” is pretty much what I was told. To which I replied, “Um…are you looking at a calendar here? Everyone else has their word. You know, the one for 2012—the year that’s already started? So, where’s mine?”
He was silent. Don’t you love it when He does that?
Now, I’d told a friend that I tend to be a late bloomer. Things for me don’t always happen at the same time as they do for others—especially when we’re talking about God. But can I admit something? I hate being late. Hate it as in I freak out. Ask my kids. I am cool and calm unless we are running behind. Then I turn into a screaming drill sergeant. Yeah, I’m working on it. But that’s another post.
So I sat, tapping my fingers on God’s counter, very impatiently waiting for my word. And I waited. And waited.
It was while I was waiting that I felt God looking at me. A gentle smile. Eyebrows raised. Almost like I was missing something. I raised my brows back. Shrugged. Completely missing what was so obvious. And because He loves me, He leaned down and whispered:

Time. promises to be an interesting year. And just like I was challenged, I hope to challenge you. You may be a bit late to the game, like me, but that doesn't mean you can't join. Pray over what God wants you to learn this year. Pray over where He wants you to grow. I'd love to hear what He whispers to you-whether it's one word or a whole paragraph:) And if you've already started down the path for 2012, how has it been going? Are you digging in or already finding bumps in the road? Which ever it is, I hope you put a mark on the wall today and keep checking back on it to see how far He grows you.


  1. This is such a great post and I'm glad God gave you a word. Like you, I was planning to pick a word - even had one all picked out back in December - soar. I thought, I want 2012 to be the year I soar in all areas of my life - my faith walk, my writing, my relationships, etc. But then, as December drew to a close, in soooo many little ways I felt God opening my eyes to not only the love He has for me, but the love He wants me to show others. I balked at changing my word, 'cause, hey, I picked out "soar" and I liked it. And besides, love felt too...normal. :) But no, "love" was the word he had for me.

  2. TIME. That is great. Yes, I'm with you on the "different" timetable thing. A new year is almost "just another day" you know?

  3. Great post, Susan! My word for this year is commitment. I feel like I'm digging in, but still not where I know that I need to be. But that's all a part of the growing process, and I'm pleased that I'm headed in the right direction.

    Oh, and by the way, I'm always a bit late to the game, too. It took me 34 years to come to Christ, but thank God He never gives up on us.

    Hope you're having a good week!