Wednesday, January 18, 2012

Blessing Wednesday

After a very green beginning to winter, we're finally receiving our snow! Isn't it beautiful? We had snow all weekend long, melted on Monday, and came back today with a vengeance--rain, snow, sleet and all. So, with the weather outside these past few days, here's the blessings I've been counting:

1- A roof over my head-and while I'm at it, a roof over my car, too.

2-Heat in my vents.

3-My very fuzzy blanket that my kids made me. It warms my heart and my toes when I use it! Especially because they made sure it was long enough to cover my toes:)

4-Corn bags. Hubby's grandma always made corn bags. These little fabric bags that she'd sew up and put dried corn inside. You pop them in the microwave, and they stay warm for forever! Hubby and I fight over them. You can also do this with rice, but the smell of the corn reminds us of her:)

5-The beauty of this season. Every morning I wake up and am reminded how God promises us that "though your sins are like scarlet, I will make them as white as snow." (Isaiah 1:18)

What kind of weather are you experiencing this winter? Do you have special blessings it makes you think of?/div>


  1. Oh how beautiful, Susan! We're only dreaming of snow right now with our unusually warm winter. Forecasters are calling for 70's next week. Is that crazy or what?

    Weather blessings? After living in FL most of my life, I'm thankful for varying seasons! I love every one of them!

  2. It's cold here today, but not snowing. Just windy with a bitter bite.
    I'm thankful for our woodstove and plenty of forest for wood. :)

    I like winter because as a farmer it is a time of rest. (Usually)

  3. Gorgeous picture!
    Our weather is gray and hazy, but I'm thankful the sun isn't blinding me while attempting to drive! :) I'm also thankful that I can drive and have something to drive.

  4. Winter has been amazingly warm and un-snowy here in Iowa. But yesterday, we finally woke to a beautiful snow! (Easy for me to say because I have the shortest commute ever - I live two blocks from where I work. :) I made soup last night - that's a happy winter blessing. :) I also love pretty scarves and boots, so winter is my happy time fashion-wise. :)

    But the biggest winter blessing? The reminder that even in death, there's hope of new life to come. The feeling of "just wait, spring is going to come." There's new life and warmth and green and even if winter seems endless, as it definitely does some years, at the end of it, there's always spring!

  5. Beautiful pic, Susan! I love the look of fresh snow! Our winter hasn't been bad here in GA - weather in the 50's and 60's has been common. A bit warmer than normal for this time of the year! But, I'm not complaining! Today I'm thankful for good health and the opportunity to get some much-needed writing done!

    Thanks for dropping by Life Lessons! I appreciate you and your sweet comments! Although Job's story is hard to read, there are so many lessons there for us to absorb. I'm realizing more and more the truth of God's Word - there's nothing new under the sun, and God speaks to all of our issues in the Bible. Wow! What a wonderful Heavenly Father! Hugs & Blessings!

  6. Beautiful photo, Susan!

    It's been cold here in CA, but there's never any snow here in the central valley. It's been around 28 in the morning, but warms up to the 50's. : )

    Every day I feel so blessed for the warmth of home, polar fleece sheets on the bed, and all of God's provisions. So very thankful and filled with gratitude!

    Have a blessed day!

    P.S. Thanks for stopping by my blog! Glad you enjoyed the song. I have a "sweet treat" up today. And I've been missing my "Friday Funny," so I'm hoping to find something that I like. : )

  7. Hey everyone, thanks for stopping by! Wednesdays can be crazy around here and I am finally settling in with my comfy pj's and blanket to get some writing done. Hope ya'll had a great day!

    Dora - oh, I agree. Having seasons is one of the biggest reasons I love Michigan!

    Sheri -I love wood stoves. We have a little cottage we can go to in the winter and they have one. Makes everything so cozy.

    Jess - Right there with you. My car is nothing pretty, but I'm so blessed to have it. I'm good with a bicycle in the summer, not so much in winter;)

    Melissa - I am hugely into soup! Hubby and I make it almost every week from fall on through till spring. Warms us right up! And I agree, watching the seasons is like watching God work in our lives. Love that He is in all the details.

    Maria - oh, a writing day! That is a blessing:) Hubby would gladly take your weather. If he has his way, we'd move south!

    Michelle - polar fleece sheets? You are sooo lucky! I was happy when Hubby let me switch to flannel, though they've disappeared recently...gonna go check out your sweet treat now!

  8. Hey, Susan, here's a link to the polar fleece sheets. To say that I'm in love with them, is an understatement! They're truly amazing! One of the BEST things I've ever purchased!