Wednesday, January 4, 2012

Praise Day - Count Your Blessings

This year I’m going to try something slightly different with my Wednesday Praise days. All too often we focus on the yucky things in our lives and forget to count our blessings. Oh, if blessings are big enough, we yell them from the rooftops. They’re like neon signs in our lives. But what about our small-ordinary-everyday-blessings? I want to start to call attention to them, because God isn’t just about the big, but He’s also incredibly into the details. Here goes:
So my health hasn’t been the greatest lately (yep, I know, doesn't sound like a blessing, but stick with me, the counting is about to begin). My son—who apparently is taking our theme of ‘sharing’ very seriously—decided to grace me with his cold. Then there’s the little matter of my thyroid—I don’t have one. And my body decided to stop absorbing my medication. Did you know that such a little thing could make a huge difference? Yeah. Ask Hubby. He has to live with me. It was in the vows.
While I could easily focus on (umm…or more honestly, keep focusing on) the yucky way I feel, here's where I start counting my blessings.

1. Praising God for my taste buds. While I may not have been able to smell my coffee this morning, I sure could taste it! Oh, and the lovely creamer I added. Which reminds me…
2. Praising God for coffee creamer and that Mr. Budget said I could get some this week!

3. Praising God for Post-It Notes and Legal Pads. My brain is slightly foggy lately (side effect of low thyroid) and they are currently serving as my memory. Which works great until my six-year-old moves them.
4. Praising God for hands that work. I have a fellow writer friend whose arm is currently in a sling with lots of pins in it. That’s like a runner with a broken leg, an artist with cataracts, a chef with a burnt get the picture.
5. Praising God for my overall health. When I look around me at others who have far larger health issues than myself, I realize how truly blessed I am.
What blessings will you count today?


  1. Oh, Susan, I'm sorry you're not feeling well lately. I thank God for friends like you! Wishing you a joyous, Son-filled 2012!

  2. So sorry your health is not the best - praying for a fast turnaround. I hate colds!

    Blessings: I will never stop thanking God for the incredible parents and grandparents He gave me! Other blessings: morning coffee, a comfy bed, new artwork on my walls (silly, I know, but it makes me happy), crazy warm winter weather, a day job where I got to pray with my coworkers.

    Thanks for turning my thoughts to blessings!

  3. Lovely post! I'm grateful for a little quiet time while my daughter naps and my husband is grocery shopping. :)

  4. I was blessed to hear my hubby sing on stage at church this morning. Blessed that my kids are healthy and able to go back to school, blessed school started back! ha!

    Great post, Susan!

  5. Great word, Susan! I love your humor. "My son -- who apparently is taking our theme of 'sharing' very was in the vows". You had me giggling. :-)

    I was blessed last night with a direction for my WIP...I try to be more of an outliner than a panster, but I was still gritting my teeth, at a loss of how to carry my story to the end. Well, God blessed me with an idea last night, and I am very thankful for that! (It's always better when I let Him help me write ;-)

    Thanks for the reminder to focus on His blessings. I'm praying for your recovery. :-)

  6. Dora - thankful for you too:) And anxiously waiting for that next book!

  7. Melissa - I love art on my walls, too. My mom's a painter, and I love having her artwork up around my house. Makes me smile.

  8. Stacy - um, yeah, I am incredibly grateful when Hubby does the shopping. That is a HUGE blessing!

  9. Jess - you've got a singer? Hubby and I like to pretend we sing...we do a mean Les Miz and Phantom:) As for back to school...I may have a slight envy issue until my kids get back to our routine. I am blessed to homeschool...

  10. Gwen - oh I know it! Even as a pantser I need to have some idea of where I'm headed. So glad you got that ending and can't wait to see it!

  11. Love it, Susan! Praising God for the little things - because He's in the details! Praying you'll be over that cold soon and you'll be able to enjoy BOTH the smell AND taste of your coffee! Hugs!