Wednesday, February 8, 2012

Blessing Wednesday - Time

Some of the best blessings in life are when people give of their time. Lately I've been given so much:

1. Blessed by Hubby who's using his time to paint my bathroom. Not his favorite task. At all. But he knew it would put a smile on my face.

2. Blessed by a friend who used her time and talents to snap pictures for my blog because she heard I want to redecorate it. Hubby and all his painting inspired me:)

3. Blessed by my critique partners who spend countless hours going over my rough drafts and helping me make the finished product shine.

4. Blessed with parents who give their entire weekend to watch our kids so Hubby and I can get away.

5. Blessed by my BFF who made the hour plus drive, in the snow, when she could have called, just to surprise me.

We can't minimize what our gift of time can mean to others. So often we think we need to bless people with tangible gifts, but that's not true. Sometimes it's just about taking our time and giving it. Take this week to stop and look around you. How have others blessed you with their time, and who can you bless with yours?


  1. It's a great idea to take stock of your blessings and think of ways to bless others with your time. My hubby blesses me with more time to sleep :-) He works nights and when he comes home aroudn 6 AM, he tends to the baby for me while I wake up. Now that's a blessing! :-D

  2. I love your Wednesday blessing blogs! One of the best gifts of time I was given recently was by my parents. I hit "too overwhelmed to function" over the mom somehow knew to call me...talked me off the ledge...and told me to come home. They coddled me, fed me, encouraged me...and filled me up to face another busy week. :)

  3. Thanks for another great post, Susan! What a great reminder of how we can bless people with our time. : )

  4. Gwen- oh I remember those days and that is a huge blessing! Sleep is one of my favorite things:)

    Melissa- I can relate. And aren't moms the best? No matter how old we get, they seem to still know what we need. Love that you could run home.

    Michelle-yep. I'm realizing how valuable time is and the ways we should choose to spend it. It gets us looking outside ourselves, doesn't it?