Friday, February 24, 2012

Bookshelf Friday - Upcoming

Wow -it's Friday! How exactly did that happen?

I have no book to post today as I've been preparing my entry into ACFW's Genesis - a writing contest for unpublished writers. So, reading time has been limited. But here's what is on my current reading list, soon to show up on Bookshelf Friday:

Fay Lamb's Because of Me
Dora Hier's Journey's Edge
Mary Hall's Amberly

All of these ladies I count as friends and two are critique partners that I've met through ACFW. Because of Me was just released, Journey's Edge will be out next month, and Amberly is in the process of publication. I cannot wait to feature them here. So excited for each of them - they are all fantastic writers!

I'd love to hear what you're currently reading~anything I need to add to my pile???


  1. Unbound--Neal Lozano
    Running Down Your Dreams--Joseph Sharp
    Stand-In Groom--Kaye Dacus
    The Blue Flower--Henry van Dyke

    Wanna add some more to my reading list?? :-)

  2. Hi Susan! Great reading list, and good luck with the Genesis! I also submitted a piece for the contest, and I am looking forward to feedback from the judges. :-) Will you be attending the conference this year? Lord willing, I'm going to. It's being held in Dallas this year -- right in my backyard.

  3. Daph - Stand in Groom's on my list too! I also picked one up called Troubled Water this morning at church.

    Gwen - Praying that I can go! It's definitely not in my backyard:) Good luck to you, too! It's a great contest!