Monday, February 27, 2012

But I Wanted That!

God’s gifts are perfect, aren’t they? He always seems to know what we need right when we need it. So why then do we look over others’ shoulders in horror when they receive something we wanted? Seriously, have you ever looked like this?

Yeah. Me too. Like just yesterday morning.

See, our pastor was reading a testimony prior to collecting offering. And it was an amazing one. Ah-maz-ing. Not only that but it happened to be exactly what I’d been praying for in my life. You know how you make birthday and Christmas lists and put your most wanted thing at the top? Yeah. I think He mistook my list for theirs and delivered it to the wrong person.

Come on. You know what I’m talking about here.

Except God’s not Santa and He’s not a genie.

He’s God.

And every gift He gives is perfect (James 1:17). Perfect shape. Perfect size. Perfect fit. Perfect timing.

Yes, we can make our lists, but what do we know really? Just because my son asks me for an assault weapon for Christmas does not mean that it’s the right thing for him. (He didn’t, it was just a BB gun, but still, he could shoot his eye out). Just because my daughter wants that super-mini skirt, doesn’t mean it is the right skirt for her. (um, yeah, she did, and she’s 9). And just because I ask God to clear all my debts doesn’t mean that it’s what I need. Because really, have I learned the lesson He’s been trying to teach me?

Honestly. I have. At least in regards to debt. But have I learned other lessons? Like patience. Resolve. Trust. Not coveting…(slinking away here)

See, God knows what we need and it never, ever looks like the person next to us—well, except for when He gave us all salvation. That’s the one gift He’ll duplicate a million times over, re-gifting it to all. But as for everything else, that’s up to Him. He’s not into making cookie-cutter disciples so the path you take will be different than the one I’m on. The timing for our gifts and blessings will be different. The actual gifts themselves will be as unique as we are. And, as long as I’m here, let me add this—if we’re so interested in everything being fair than we better be willing to walk the same valleys as the person next to us.

Oh. Not sounding so great now, is it?

That’s why I love how God doesn’t often give us what we want, but what we need. Like yesterday morning, the second those thoughts went through my mind He squished them. But He did it with a chuckle, reminding me of the picture above that I snapped of my son, whispering to me “you kinda look like that right now”…In His awesome love He convicted me. Sure, He could have listened to the temper tantrum in my heart and given in, blessing me with what I was stomping my foot over, but that would have made me a spoiled child of the King, not a warrior princess (my mental picture here, let me go with it). I raised my shield of faith and dodged those fiery darts, standing on His word—and became stronger for it.

He’s growing us people, to do awesome things that He’s planned for us way before we were even born. (Ephesians 2:10) That means sometimes He’s not going to give us what we’ve asked for. Be okay with it. Even more so, rejoice when the person next to you receives exactly what you wanted. Because the One who gives the gifts knows exactly what each of us needs--you included--and he's never early, but He’s never late either. So wait on Him. He knows what He’s doing.And it will be perfect in His time.


  1. Soooo much wisdom here, Susan. I absolutely loved it. And needed it. Because I do often find myself looking at the person next to me, comparing myself, comparing the paths God has us on...not always lovin' the one he's got me on at the moment. So, this is such an important truth and one I want to keep learning!

  2. Wow, great post, Susan. So very true.

    PS Love the new look on the blog!! :)

  3. Melissa-yes, this is one I need to read often:) Especially when I'm not quite where I want to be. Just got to keep our focus on him, huh?

    Sheri-thanks:) it was fun to switch things around. Let me know when you make those cookies-I wanna know if they're worth all the work!

  4. Ah, Susan! How you bless me! I just love your "stepping up" posts! Like Melissa said, "so much wisdom."

    Thank you, friend! : )


  5. A beautiful post, Susan. We're horrible about comparing ourselves to others, aren't we? I'm raising my hand too. Thanks for the reminder that we are all unique individuals with different paths, different purposes, and different struggles. Amen, amen, amen. :-)

  6. Michelle - Aw shucks, thanks:) I'm cannot claim any wisdom on my own though--that's all His! And this time He whacked me upside the head with it, LOL. Oh, I love that He keeps me humble:)

    Gwen - thanks for not leaving my hand waving in the air alone! I echo the Amens!