Sunday, February 19, 2012

A New Look!

A big ol' thank you to Hubby! There's only so much computer techyness (yes, it's a word--go with it) I possess and God knew this when He created me. It's why when He designed a partner for me, He gave him all the abilities I lacked--and a whole lotta patience!

Anyway, at the beginning of the year I got a niggling to update my blog. New year, new look and all that. But I wasn't sure what color to go with. I love red, but I'd already used it. And while I like pink, I'm not quite that girly. I dress in black and grey, but knew if I chose one of those alone it'd be too drab for me. So I sat around and thought. Then I noticed:

My favorite shoes

My purse

The color I keep trying to sneak into my bedroom/bathroom

And my favorite chair ever! Grandma's chair. The one I loved the first moment I saw and shall never reupholster (nor shall Hubby, unless he uses the same fabric). The one I plan on designing my writing room/library around one day. I'm typically not such an antiquey person, but I loved the way this chair lit up Grandma's room.

And that's what I wanted at my blog. Something bright and cheery. And you can't get much more bright and cheery than yellow! But to do my entire blog yellow proved to be a bit much. So I found that lovely header, played around with it and the picture, found a background I liked...and that's about as far as I could take it. Step in Hubby and VOILA! A newly decorated blog.

So I hope you like the new look. Along with the thanks to Hubby I need to thank my friend Jocelyn for taking that lovely shot of me and my boots. Her gift is photography, and I thank her for using it on me. Hopefully this summer I'll even let her take a new shot of my face. Baby steps people.

I'd love to hear what your favorite color is and whether this new year has brought any new looks to something in your life. We're also redoing our bathroom right now - imagine, this is the shower curtain I'm attempting to convince Hubby we need: Hmm...I'm sensing a pattern here...


  1. Your new blog looks beautiful! It really is bright and cheery. :)
    I recently had fun changing my blog as well in greys and pinks and greens.
    Love your Grandma's chair too. So pretty!

  2. Love the new look, Susan! It's classy and chic. My favorite colors are blue and green, but for decor I'm loving the yellow/gray/white trend!

  3. Cathy -pretty colors! I loved the header you used, fits your blog well! I'm typically not a big one for change, but had fun playing around with my blog. Go figure:)

    Melissa - Thanks! I have to say I'm a fan of all color (Caribbean blue!, though I only tend to wear black and grey, maybe taupe if I'm pushing it! But that's what makes adding a little color in here and there so much fun. BTW - my kids loved your presidential facts;)

  4. Hi Susan! I love your new blog look, but I will tell you that once I open your page, the header goes black after a few seconds and doesn't reappear. I refreshed the page a few times and the same thing happened. Maybe its just my computer?

    Anyway, I'm all about the color blue. Animal print is also a weakness... No new looks around the house this year, but my 19-month-old is starting to talk more, and that is very exciting! :-)

  5. Oh, love it when the little ones start to talk! That's one of my favorites:)Do you record it?

    Not sure what's going on w/ that header. It works on all my computers around here, but my BFF said she had the same problem! Hmm...hopefully Hubby can figure it out b/c I have NO idea! I'll have him look at it tonight. Thanks for letting me know:)

  6. Very fun, Susan! I recently did a redesign of my website too...It's so addicting, isn't it? :)

  7. It's so YOU! I love it...and now it makes me what to redecorate, but like you I ain't that techy. As for my color...I love white! :o)But for some reason, my clothes, shoes, sheets, pillowcases, curtains are all bold and multi-colored...I guess I'm too hippified. :o)

  8. Hi Susan,
    I love your new look. When I decorate I lean toward yellow and blue. I also love pink. I like bright colors, and thankfully my husband is agreeable.
    Great job on your new look!

  9. Sarah - your blog is beautiful, I love those flowers! I'd looked earlier today for a follow button, but couldn't find it. Is it only an email follow (if not, then I'm blaming the fact I missed it on my non-techy side!)

    Daph- thanks lady! Hippified, ha! I love color too, but only as accessories. That's where the fun is:)

    Jackie - hey there! Yellow girl too, eh? I agree, bright is my favorite, but Hubby isn't always quite so agreeable over here. But he loves me, so he often let's me pick.

  10. Your blog looks lovely, Susan! I really like it! You and your hubby are a great team. ;-)

    My favorite colors are red, cobalt blue, and pink (as you can see from my blog . . . I LOVE pink!). : )

    Have a blessed week, Susan!

  11. Susan, look at you! It's beautiful! LOVE it! Congratulations on the new look.