Wednesday, March 21, 2012

Blessing Wednesday

Oh, are the rest of you experiencing this glorious weather? Fall is typically my favorite time of year, but Spring is making its bid for the top spot right now! For us Michiganders, this is truly a treat. It's given me a whole bunch to be thankful for this week:)

1 - For the first time in years of Marches, my kids and I are not shack-wacky! A huge blessing in the homeschool arena! (typically this is the time of year you don't ask me if I'll be homeschooling again next year!)

2 - The reason for this is: our classroom! What a blessing to be outdoors!

3 - Also, warm weather simply inspires me to get out for a long walk, and with the extra hour of sunshine in the evening that's completely doable! A huge blessing to help walk off what winter's put on...(for me, long nights writing new chapters with a bowl of peanut butter M&M's by my side--so NOT figure friendly!)

4 - Early warmth=early start on spring chores=more summer playtime!!

5 - My screen door. Seriously. I am so thankful to open that thing up and let the breeze blow through my house. Again, it's so often the simple things, isn't it?:)

What about all of you? What's been making you smile this week? Can't wait to hear!



  1. The door to our screened-in porch opens up into our homeschool room. Working while being serenaded by the birds' songs - aah. I, too, enjoy a stroll outside after being cooped up all winter. Flowers popping up everywhere. Trees budding. What a creative God we have!

  2. I'm loving the extra daylight in the evenings. It makes the day seem longer in a good way. I've been taking my toddler to the park, and its such a blessing to see him running and enjoying himself!

  3. God's been true (but of course! right?). Local paper will do an article about me. Local store organized a signing. I was able to stay within budget. The wasps went away. The air is fresh with rain (and the storm will lull us to sleep tonight). I have 6 new kittens who don't understand that they are newborn (read that as trying to open their eyes and trying to walk). I taught my cat a new trick. My sons did their work without being beaten over the head or threatened or grounded or dirty looks thrown their way. And I get to dye my hair tonight, so long gray! PLUS it's another day, so I smile. :-)