Wednesday, April 18, 2012

Blessing Wednesday

Hey there everyone! It's Wednesday, time to raise some praise! What are you thankful for this week? Mine are pretty random this week:)

First, at our house, we've had a special guest. A robin has decided to make her nest in the tree right outside my daughter's room, providing us with a perfect view of her and her three blue eggs. My three little ones have taken to watching out for her...and even I don't mind listening to her in the mornings--which, if you know me, is HUGE! We're anxiously awaiting the hatching of Ms. Birdie's eggs and loving this small blessing.

A few other blessings this week:

~rain! We desperately needed it, and it even came with lightening and thunder. I love a good thunder storm.

~encouragement given, and at just the right time. It's amazing how a few simple words can spur us forward just when we need them. God's all about perfect timing, isn't He?

~my family all being healthy again...we all battled colds and gunk last week.

~my glasses. Seriously, if I lived in another era I would have been considered blind. I don't even see the "E" on my eye tests. (and while we're at it, I'm thankful that there's new technology to keep the lenses thin, and for the option to wear contacts)

~my height. I used to hate it but now love that I can always see where I'm going in a crowd, can reach whatever I want without having to jump for it, and can speed-walk a pretty mean pace.

What about you all? Share one of your random blessings this week:)


  1. I thank God for friends intune with God who respond to nudges to pray for another sister. I was the sister who recieved the prayers just when I needed it.

  2. "raise some praise!" I love this! Ha!

    I wish I was taller, not that I'm not thankful for being 5'0, I can get in crawl spaces much easier than you could. ;)

    I'm thankful for conviction. Seriously.

  3. Paula-I'm with ya:) I love that the Holy Spirit nudges other believers to pray for us.

    Jess-really? A while foot shorter than me? Yeah, I avoid crawl spaces at all costs, too many spiders!