Monday, April 30, 2012

Our lil'est
The dance crew:)
So this weekend was full of amazing things. First we took our girls to Canton, Michigan for their Kids’ Fine Arts Festival. What an awesome event! Children (ages 6-12) from all the Assemblies of God churches in Michigan came together to sing, dance, worship, give sermons, display art, play instruments…you name it, they did it. Can I just say, children using their talent to worship God, well, there’s nothing like it! God gets a hold of a heart, and it doesn’t matter the age. We were truly blessed to watch these kids as they ministered to us. It was a crazy, long day, but no place I’d rather be. And…proud mama here…our girls took first place with their dance:) I only wish my camera had been playing nicely so I could show you more of all the kids.

Then we came home and celebrated our son’s twelfth birthday. Okay. People tell you it will go fast, but really? I know in a few more years I’ll look back and wish for twelve, but right now, that seems so old. I guess it’s the reality that time doesn’t have a pause button. The days are long, but the years are short—it’s a saying I completely agree with.
1 day old :)
12 years old!

I’ll be back with my regular devotions next week, but I’d love to hear how your weekends were. And see if you agree with that saying above!


  1. Sounds like a wonderful weekend, Susan! Congratulations to your girls for taking first place in their dance -- how fun for them! : )

    Happy twelfth birthday to your son! He's a handsome young man. : )

    And I do agree, the days are long, but the years are short. I hadn't heard of that saying before, but it certainly seems to fit. My kiddos are 15, 14, and 8. My oldest is in 10th grade, and it really seems impossible that she could only have two more years of high school left. :::sigh::: It sounds cliche, but the time really does go by quickly when it comes to children.

    I like to tease my little guy and ask him, "Can I freeze you at 8 years old? I want to keep you 8 forever." Of course, he says no, "Because I'm going to just keep growing mom." :::sigh::: It's bittersweet, isn't it. I think everything will be harder with my youngest, you know, because he's the baby, and he's a momma's boy. ;-)

    Thanks for sharing your weekend, Susan! Have a blessed week.

  2. It does go so fast. I had the privilege of watching my 17 year old daughter lead her two childrens choirs in their year-end program.
    Proud Mama here too watching her do what God has called her to devote her life to. I feel so honored that God allowed me to homeschool her - "raise her up in the way she should go." And now, I stand in amazement as she begins more adventures with God - less dependent on me.

  3. Happy Birthday to your son and congrats to your girls! I know what you mean about there being nothing like watching your kids worship God through their talents. It's a beautiful thing.

    I had a great weekend. We spend time with friends at a birthday party on Saturday. Then spent time with friends again at our care group Sunday night. I love our care group! It's so nice to have people to talk to and pray with who are going through the same things in life with aging parents and growing children.

    The years sure do go by fast! I was just teasing my son yesterday how I miss cuddling him in his little blue sleeper which was my favorite when he was a baby! He's now a handsome grown man at 21. I'm blessed though cuz he still gives me great hugs. :)

  4. Hey Michelle - yeah, I keep telling our youngest who's 6 that I want to freeze her too. She reminds me that "God wants me to grow, Mom, so too bad." LOL...bittersweet is a great word!

    Paula - Oh! She keeps growing:) I didn't know she had 2 choirs! Are you guys done with school for the year?

    Cathy - You give me hope--Corydon still give me hugs and I hope it never stops!

  5. I agree -- watching kids give glory to God is so powerful and moving. Hope your son had a great 12th birthday! I can't believe my own son is almost two. It's scary how time just slips away.