Friday, June 1, 2012

Bookshelf Friday - Chameleon by Jillian Kent

Chameleon is the second book in The Ravensmoore Chronicles by Jillian Kent, and I thoroughly enjoyed reading it. Within the first few pages you're smack-dab in the middle of a mystery, one that comes to quite a unique end. While I would, at times, have liked the story to move at a slightly faster pace--and I think that's more my personality than anything to do with the author--Jillian did a masterful job of drawing you into the early 1800's and the lives of her characters. I especially loved watching the interplay between Victoria and her older brother, Lord Devlin Ravensmoore (told you siblings get me!) and I smiled each time he called her Snoop. So tender and cute.

Here's a quick blurb:

Lady Victoria Grayson has always considered herself a keen observer of human behavior. After battling a chronic childhood illness that kept her homebound for years, she journeys to London determined to have the adventure of a lifetime.

Jaded by his wartime profession as a spy, Lord Witt understands, more than most, that everyone is not always who they pretend to be. He meets Victoria after the Regent requests an investigation into the activities of her physician brother, Lord Ravensmoore.

Witt and Victoria become increasingly entangled in a plot targeting the lords of Parliament. Victoria is forced to question how well she knows those close to her while challenging Witt’s cynical nature and doubts about God. Together they must confront their pasts in order to solve a mystery that could devastate their future.

While this is the second in a series, it can stand alone. The relationship between Witt and Victoria grows slowly throughout, and though I would have liked to learn more about Witt, he makes a wonderful leading man. Between falling in love with him and helping to solve the mystery that plagues both her brother and Witt, Victoria finally gets the adventure she's always longed for. So, if you love Historical Romance with a suspenseful twist, then I think this is one you'll enjoy.

Happy reading!


  1. Awesome review! I hadn't heard of this book, but now I'm intrigued. :)

    And what a gorgeous cover! I love it!

    1. I know - I loved the look on the girl's face. And I'm not typically one who likes the character straight on the cover!

  2. Ooh, I love that cover too. Another book in the TBR pile!

  3. haha...the ever-growing TBR pile! At least summer is finally here and I can tackle some--bring me my beach chair!

  4. This looks like a goodie! I may have one of her free books on kindle but haven't read it yet!

  5. Sounds like my kind of book! Haven't been privileged to read much historical romance lately - must add this one to my list! Have a great weekend, Susan! God bless!