Monday, June 4, 2012

Easy as Spreading Peanut Butter

So this past week my six-year-old daughter, who’s eating me out of house and home, decided she’d make herself a peanut butter sandwich. I was busy getting dinner started and watched her from the corner of my eye. Everything went fine until she had to spread the peanut butter across the bread. It wasn’t working so well for her—but she refused to ask for help. Finally I came over and took the knife from her and smoothly spread a layer of peanut butter onto her bread. Her big blue eyes looked up at me all wide, her voice a mere breath, “Wow.  How do you do that?” Then she took her PB sandwich and off she went. I stood there thinking if only my kids problems were always as easy to solve as spreading peanut butter.

See, I worry about my kids. Yes, I know we aren’t suppose to worry, but it is a battle I’ll wage as long as I’m a parent. And oh, can I relate to their struggles. My oldest is a boy—thank the Lord for that! My middle is a girl, and at nine-years-old she’s already struggling with all things girl. Growing up a girl is hard…can I get an ‘amen’! As I watch them encounter issues I never had to deal with at that age, I struggle over how to walk them through it. Am I giving them the right advice? Am I truly wise enough to parent them? Am I enforcing the correct rules in this area but loosening up the reigns where needed? Or…am I completely screwing them up?

You know we’ve all wondered that.

And you know what, it's not just with kids.

I worry about messing up my purpose—the very thing He created me for. I wrestle with what my next step is, where I’m supposed to go, what I’m supposed to do. I stand there struggling and all the while, He’s watching me…waiting for me to hand it over. And when I do?

Come on, you know what happens, because I’m sure I’m not the only one here. When we finally cease struggling and ask Him for help, what happens? (Besides wondering why we didn't do that earlier?)

He fixes it. Untangles the knots. Makes sense out of our chaos. Because while our struggles sometimes seem too big for us, for Him they're as easy as spreading peanut butter.

To which we reply, “Wow! How do you do that?”

So I’m not sure where you’re at today—needing help with your kids, marriage, friends, or even your next step in life. But I am sure that wherever it is, He’s waiting to help you out on it. All you need to do is ask.

God is our refuge and strength, always ready to help in times of trouble. Psalm 46:1


  1. Great illustration! If we could only remember that the things we struggle with are as easy as spreading peanut butter for God because He has the plan and knows what's best. This is timely advice since I'm heading out for Haiti on Friday and need to let God handle all the little things that are poking my worry buttons.

    1. It's finally here, huh? I will be praying for you! Can't wait to hear how the trip goes:)

  2. So, so touched and inspired by your post today, Susan. I love this:

    "He fixes it. Untangles the knots. Makes sense out of our chaos. Because while our struggles sometimes seem too big for us, for Him they're as easy as spreading peanut butter."

    I'm not a parent, so I can't exactly relate there (yet), but I sooo often have this sense of feeling like I was made for a purpose, a calling, and then I struggle with worry that I'm not living out that calling...that I'll miss out...that I'll under-perform.

    You're so right...I've got to turn it over to him and trust him to point me the right direction.

    1. :) That purpose struggling is one I do a lot too. I've just never been one that likes to miss out, you know? I'm learning to trust that as long as I'm seeking Him, He's not going to let me miss out on His plan for my life.

  3. Great post! As always, loving the connections that you make! :)

    1. Thanks, Michelle. It's funny how God sometimes choose to illustrate things for me--makes me smile:) And thanks for the music this morning!