Wednesday, July 18, 2012

Blessing Wednesday

Oh doesn't that sound perfectly perfect? Let's try it--it is Wednesday after all :) Come count blessings with me.

~Blue skies
~Bright red cardinals...each time I see one I'm reminded of Grandma Boo (Hubby's grandma), and we've had one making her home on our swing set. Every morning, there she is.
One of the pictures I took
of my kids for Hubby for
Father's Day.
~My kids getting along. Seriously. I was praying about this, and God's blown me away with the love in this house. And during these hot, summer days no less!
~My most wonderful husband who takes his time and patience to help me figure out all things tech related. Who loves me even though I'm an introvert, and he's a completely sold-out extrovert. Who's the Tigger to my Eeyore. And who never misses telling me I'm beautiful when I'm just not feeling it. God truly blessed me by giving this man to me.

So give it a try. What beautiful blessings do you see around you today? No matter where you're at (life's given us some hard knocks this past week) you can still see blessings if you simply look. And when you do, even if it's for a moment, your entire outlook will change. So today I challenge you to praise Him, even in the midst of what you're going through--your day won't be the same :)

Blessings dear friends!


  1. I love your Wednesday posts! At this very moment the skies are dark (lights are on in my house this a.m.) because we are finally getting the rain we've needed here in central Minnesota. It's a blessing, indeed. Not only for the whole county, but my husband owns a landscaping/lawn care business and it's just plain good for him, too!

  2. 5 things, you remembered! I have so many blessings and you are one of from Mom

  3. Love the picture of your kids! I'm sure your husband treasures it. I'm thankful for the opportunity to spend time with the Lord - reading and memorizing His Word; and in prayer. Also thankful for my wonderful husband and daughter. And I can't forget to praise the Lord for tiny tomatoes on my tomato plants (yes, these are the same plants stripped bare by 2 thieving squirrels last week!).

    Thanks for stopping by Life Lessons. Love your comment: "That they may know Him, that I may show Him, that I may see the teachable moments He presents." The great thing? You can be sure the Lord is blessing your efforts! Have a fantastic day!

  4. Hi Susan, I always love reading your list of blessings!

    Yesterday, while I was watering the garden, I had a visit from a hummingbird. Usually, you only get to enjoy that for a second since they're so quick, but this little guy sat down and let me watch him for a good 30 seconds. I had a smile on my face they entire time! So simple, but what a blessing! God's creations are so amazing!

    I'm also so blessed by my son, who is celebrating his 9th birthday today! He's such a sweet boy, with an amazing personality. I just love him to pieces!

    And I love the picture of your kiddos! Are they cute, or what! All three of them are cute as can be. :D

    Have a great day, Susan!

  5. Hi all!!! Thanks do much for sharing, you gave me huge smiles! I'm having trouble replying, hoping this goes through:)