Monday, July 30, 2012

We are the Champions

Ever get a line from a song stuck in your head? Lately I’ve had one going through my mind consistently. It’s from one of my new favorite songs by Big Daddy Weave called “Redeemed”. I love the entire song, but this lyric has stuck:

“And you look at this prisoner, and you say to me son ‘Stop fighting a fight that’s already be won’.”

It’s that last part there that gets me. I hear it over and over again like an old record with a scratch. Now this song is about redemption, and I know I’ve been redeemed, but how often do I still fight fights that God’s already won for me?

When my past mistakes rise up and overwhelm me.
When my future seems like a muddled mess.
When I feel forgotten.
When I feel unworthy.
When I give into fear.
When I see the giants rather than the smooth stone God’s placed in my hand.
When I forget about His blood.

Come on, I’m not the only one, am I?

I know I’m not.

And as this line played in my head yesterday morning, I sat and listened to my pastor’s sermon.  It was on David and Goliath--check it out here in audio or video form. Out of everything he spoke on, the one part that stuck strongest with me went along with this whole “stop fighting that fight” that God’s been whispering to me nearly every day.

David didn’t hesitate. He KNEW God had already won the battle. He ran into it. And with one stone, he killed Goliath. But he didn’t stay there fighting, lobbing his other four stones. No. He cut Goliath’s head off--no messing around, he was DONE with this fight--and he TOOK the victory. Sealed it. And moved on.

Moved on.

In victory.

Into what God had for him.

Yes, God calls us to fight—but in a battle HE always wins, and He's on OUR side. Too often we keep fighting the same battle over and over, forgetting the fact that when He died on that cross, He WON. Done. It truly IS finished.

And we need to live like He won.

I mean, have you ever seen someone win with their eyes downcast? No way! They throw their hands up. Their faces beam. They jump, yell, celebrate. And have confidence in their victory. They don’t give it back. They don’t look for excuses as to why they maybe shouldn’t have won. They are victorious, and it shows.

So when your past comes calling. Or you start going another round with your addiction. When that little voice says you’ll never be who God called you to be, remember this:
He already won that for you.

So stop fighting a fight that’s already been won.

For the Lord your God is the one who goes with you to fight for you against your enemies to give you victory. Deuteronomy 20:4

How about any of you? Do you have a pair of boxing gloves on right now that need to come off? Praying you unlace them today:)


  1. This is very powerful, Susan. I think I need to read and re-read this post. It reminds me of a sermon I heard a few years ago about belief...the pastor talked about how if we're not living what we believe, then do we really, really believe it? That line about not trying to fight a fight that's already been won totally echoes that sentiment. Live what I believe...which is that I can trust God for my victories. I don't have to win them on my own.

    1. So true--and I've seriously considered post-it notes in various places that remind me to "STOP fighting--He's won!" :) It's so easy to get caught up in striving w/o even really realizing it. I want that sold-out faith that runs into battle b/c I KNOW it's already won.

  2. AMEN!! There is POWER IN PRAISE! Thank you, Susan. Love it!! :)

    1. You got it - AMEN:) Our praise creates an atmosphere for Him to work!!

  3. Thanks so much for what you've shared here so beautifully, Susan! It gets a big AMEN from me, too! : )

    And you know I LOVE that song! I turn it up load every time I hear it, and prepare for the tears . . . it's so powerful!

    1. Oops! Typo -- that should say loud, not load. ;-)

    2. HAHA! I have listened to it countless times and still crank it up and sing poor neighbors...