Wednesday, August 15, 2012

Blessing Wednesday

Hey all! Time for some counting:)

I am so incredibly thankful today for...

~God building a day of rest into our week.


~board games and all who play them with me!

~that summer break is not over yet! Least wise not up here in the North:)

~God's Instruction Manual for Parents (yeah, you know the one, the glad He didn't give me these kids without it.)

What's up with you this week? Dig in, tell me some of your blessings--I LOVE to hear them!


  1. My new Kindle (the old one met its end--wah) and the seriously sweet Kindle holder I found at Younkers on sale 75% off. Yeah, that made me happy. It's the little things, right?

    Also, family and friends who pull together during tough stuff. I've seen that in abundance lately and it makes me feel good about the world...about the way things can be when people step up as a community of believers.

    And, do I say this every time? This morning's iced coffee... :)

    1. I love my Kindle too - and been scoping out cases, for like three years not...maybe I'll eventually get one:)

  2. I thank God for cheese cubes and apples. So tasty!
    For my iPad that makes teaching on Wednesday nights so much easier.
    For flexibility at my job at the church. My back has been mad at me and I woke up with a headache today so I can come and go when I need.

    1. Praying for your back - back pain is one of the worst things ever! And still praying for your teaching, hope that class is going well:) Go eat some cheese and apples with a coffee chaser...

  3. Love your list, Susan! I'm thankful for those things, too, except our summer break ended August 7th.

    Today I'm thankful for International Delight Iced Coffee, and Love's Reckoning by Laura Frantz loaded on my Kindle! It's time to start reading! :D

    Hope you have a wonderful Wednesday! : )

    P.S. Now you've got me in the mood for popcorn! ;-)

  4. Love the picture you used, Susan! I'm thankful for the cooler mornings, a wonderful husband and daughter, the opportunity to write, and fantastic friends.

    Thank you for your sweet, encouraging words over at Life Lessons. So happy to hear that Jesus is everything to you! (Yes, that's our deck and if you're ever in the Cumming, GA area, I'd love to have you over so we can sip sweet tea and enjoy the hum of the cicadas in the treetops! :)God bless you, my friend!

  5. Susan,

    I'm thankful you encourage us to stop in the middle of our busy weeks and remember to thank God for all he does for us.

    My son went back to college this week, and while I miss him like crazy, he's excited.

    And I'm thankful he enjoys college.

    I'm thankful I found my GMC notes.

    Thanks, Susan!

    And, I'm thankful I got my business card with a photo made. Whew!