Wednesday, August 8, 2012

Blessing Wednesday

It's nearing 11 o'clock Tuesday night and I've spent the better part of my evening doing chores...just like last night. I just rinsed off the last dish, intent on reading another chapter in my book--which I've been waiting to get back to all day--when I realized I'd yet to write my blessings down for today. With a weary sigh, I pulled out my computer, but something happened as I opened it up. I realized how much I have to be thankful for:)

So today, my blessings are:

~having the money to do my grocery shopping.

~having the food in my cupboards to make dinner with for my family.

~having dishes to wash.

~having clothes to wash, dry, and put away for me, my children, and Hubby.

~having green grass to mow around a home in a great neighborhood.

Normally these are "chores" to me, but I think I needed to look at them in a new light:)  Be blessed today my friends!

What are some of your "to-do" list that you could flip around and look at as a blessing today???


  1. Thanks for bringing us into focus, Susan! I love your Wednesday blessings.

    I am thankful for a car to take my kids to school and to get to all the places I need to for me and my family.

    I'm thankful for insurance, to pay the doctor so I can get medicines.

    Have a great Wednesday. BTW Have you thought about Twitter? :)

    1. Twitter, eh? I'm not sure I'd even know where to begin! Is it rather simple? (Okay, now I"M sounding old;) )

      Great blessings today! Those are 2 huge ones, and 2 I often overlook, especially the car one.

  2. I love this Susan--turning to-dos into blessings.

    Today, I have to work late--I'm blessed to have a job at an amazing, Christ-centered ministry.

    Today, I need to answer about a hundred emails--I'm blessed to be connected to such cool people!

    Today, I need to work out since I skipped yesterday--I'm blessed to be healthy enough to do so.

    1. Ohhh, good ones too! That work out one, I gotta do that too. I did just walk the zoo all day with the kids, does that count???? And then I went to clean Hubby's office--for which I am incredibly thankful to have that job too. Thanks for the reminder:)

  3. Amen! That's exactly the way I like to look at things. : )

    I had to clean the litter box the other day, and I wasn't looking forward to it, but I told my son, "I'm going to choose to be thankful, because I have hands to do the work, and since the cats are 17 and 18, I'm thankful to still have them here with me." A chore turned into a blessing! There's no better way to look at "to-do's."

    Happy Wednesday, Susan!

    1. See, I love that you're kids are hearing your heart! I working on them hearing that, rather than my grumbling. And--while I am completely NOT a cat person--I am glad you still have your pets:)

  4. Susan you can definitely do Twitter!

    I'm thankful we've had some rain to green up our grass.

    Today, Bill and Amanda found out they're expecting another girl. So I'm thankful for granddaughters.

    Have a great week!

    1. YEAH!!!! Congrats to you, though I don't picture you as old enough for me to call Grandma:)

      I do think I'm going to check into Twitter...the biggest thing holding me back is not thinking I"d have enough to say--shocking, I know:)

  5. What a great idea!!!

    A large number of my "chores" have to do with my daughter, giving her feeds, meds, dr appointments, therapy, etc. but the blessing is that she's HERE to do them to!

    Making dinner for my crew... so thankful I have cute kiddos and hubby to feed!

    this list could go on for a while, but yeah, super blessed am I!

    1. The list can go on and on once we start, can't it?? I so agree! Thanks for sharing yours today too, Krista:)