Wednesday, September 26, 2012

Blessing Wednesday

Happy Wednesday everyone! I can barely believe it's been a week. The ACFW conference was amazing. With so many wonderful things offered, I completely lost track of what day it was or what hour for that matter. I'm still attempting to catch-up:)

It is Wednesday though, so time to put the catching-up on hold and count some blessings. I hope you're with me!

Today I am beyond thankful for:

~The amazing people who put in hours upon hours to produce the ACFW conference. It truly was a major blessing in my life.

~The new friends I made, the old friends I got to chat with, and the internet friends I finally got to meet!

~God's daily presence. Seriously. He didn't need to leave us the Holy Spirit, but He DID! It's because He loves us and desires to be with us. I so love His love.

~Brussel sprouts. Just because I like them:)

Our engagement photo - had to
dig deep to find this baby! 
~And Hubby. Today is our anniversary - FIFTEEN YEARS!  And we're still as in love as we were way back before we'd even admit it:)  Hubby's blessed me with his unconditional love and amazing friendship, and I thank God for him daily.

Come on now, your turn! Share the blessings your week has brought. I know for some you're bubbling over with them, others may be at a point where you have to dig for them. But they're there. Close your eyes and ask God to bring them to your mind. He will. I promise.

Praying you feel God's presence in a real and tangible way this week, friends!


  1. Aww, happy anniversary!! Yay!

    So fun to see you at ACFW!

    My blessings for today:
    -Signing my contract with Bethany House! It's official now!!!!
    -Mentos. I'm eating them like candy this morning. Except, they are candy, so...
    -Coffee. Because I think I say that every Blessing Wednesday. :)
    -And a text from my mom just to say she can't wait to see me this weekend. :)

    1. Great blessing! And I love mentos - as long as they're the fruit flavors. It was good to see you too, Melissa:)

  2. Love your new profile picture, Susan! Beautiful! And what a neat engagement photo! Awesome that you got to attend the ACFW Conference - I look forward to hearing more about your adventures.

    Blessings: health, a doggie who is healing nicely following knee surgery, wonderful family & friends, fall, an unexpected sale for my husband at the end of the quarter! God is SO good - He daily loads us with benefits, right? Psalm 68:19.

    Thanks for stopping by Life Lessons! How neat to hear that you love the entire writing process. Me? I'm being challenged to embrace that attitude! Oh, and don't even get me started on household tasks - a post for another day.

    Thanks for your concern about Steve's eye - with a little Visine and a night of rest, the pesky piece of whatever got in his eye, came out! So glad he avoided a trip to the eye doctor.

    Have a fantastic week! Hugs!

    1. Yeah - so glad his eye is okay! Great blessings today, Maria. God IS so good, isn't he?:)

  3. I'm thankful for my four outrageous children after years of thinking I might not have any. I'm thankful for my husband of 29 years. I'm thankful for health.
    I am NOT thankful for Brussel sprouts.

    1. No brussel sprouts? Oh, you've got to roast them and add a little sea salt - they are amazing!

      It was so great seeing you at ACFW:)

  4. Happy Anniversary! I'm thankful for good friendships, my own bed, my family who loves me and showed it by making sure the house was clean, laundry done and my jammies laid out on the end of the bed.

    I love your photo! All I can think is that song, "She's got legs..." LOL ;) Loved meeting and spending time with you, Susan!

    1. HAHA! Now I'll hear that song each time I see that picture. Love that your family did all that for you - even jammies on the end of your bed??? Now THAT's love:)

      Great to chat with you too, Jess!

  5. Happy Anniversary, Susan! What a great engagement photo -- beautiful couple!
    Your new profile picture is great too -- so pretty! : )

    So glad to hear that the ACFW conference was amazing! Can't wait to hear more about it.

    Blessings = Hardworking hubby, healthy kids, chocolate chips cookies, great books and music, and God's favor. I think I say God's favor every week, but He just continues to blow me away!

    Hope you're having a great week! Did you and hubby do anything special?

    1. We'll go out this weekend:)

      I'd love some CC cookies! OH YUM! With a big ol' glass of milk...hmmm...think I"ll go see if I have the supplies in my cupboards:)