Monday, September 17, 2012

He Loves You, He Really Loves You!

I was doing one of my most hated favorite things in the world last week—laundry—when God dropped by. Now, I gotta say, God’s presence is always around in my house. I invite Him in every morning over coffee. We have a sweet, sweet time, and I’m completely in love with Him. But this mid-morning, He gave me a glimpse of how much He completely loves me.

And I needed nearly an entire box of Kleenex.

See, all too often I spend my mornings with God,  and I pour out my heart to Him. He is the best listener and wisest counsel I have ever met. These past two years have been an amazing growing period in our relationship as I’ve allowed Him to stretch me in many, many ways. Each morning (okay, nearly each morning, some days my pillow still wins out) I’d get up and find a place to simply talk to Him. Seek out what step He wanted me to take next and do my best to take it. At times I’d pray the same prayer for weeks, just waiting. Other times I’d feel a quickening in my spirit to “leap now”. I was so focused on obedience that I never really stopped to soak in what was happening.

God did though.

And as I sat there doing my laundry last week, He decided to speak to me.

He’d been watching. He’d seen. And He was pleased. Beyond pleased. He was so totally, completely in love with me. See, I KNEW I was in love with Him, and I know He loves me, but when he pulled back that veil and let that love fall on me, it became more than a head-knowledge. It was like my own personal Sally Field's moment, only better.

You like me, You really like me! No….you LOVE me!

As He hugged me, He went down this list of “when you did this…I saw…and I was pleased. And when you did this…I saw…and I was pleased…you are precious to me…”

It's so fluffy!!
I felt squished by His love. He picked me up right where I was and loved me. (Remember Agnes from Despicable Me? Yeah. I felt like that unicorn she gets.) 

Someone out there today needs to hear this, because in life two things typically happen. You're focused on the work, too busy to stop and notice that God is completely in love with you. OR you only see your mistakes, too wrapped in your guilt and mess-ups to allow yourself to see God is head-over-heels, beyond crazy in love with you.

But He is.

And not just in a read-in-a-book, keep-in-your-head, untouchable sort of way.

But in a real, living-breathing, wrap-His-arms-around you, knock-your-socks-off kind of way.

You need to know--God sees you. He IS watching. He sees the steps you’re taking. Yes, sometimes those steps are more like stumbles (been there, done that, pretty sure I’ll go back), but He SEES how you’re trying. How your heart is focused on simple obedience, and He is so, SO pleased with you.

And He loves you with a love that is beyond anything you can imagine. It's beyond anything you can do or have done. It's a love that exists simply because you are His...

I pray you’re squished by His love today:)


  1. Yes! Yes! Yes! Susan, I can't wait to meet you at ACFW. I feel like we're kindred in so many ways and I want to share something with you when we're there so let's make sure to find each other! PLEASE!!!!

  2. Most definitely, Jess!:) I'm beyond excited to be going. God is so amazingly, unfailing, good...can you feel my love-fest over here today? :)

  3. How I wish I were going to the ACFW conference and could squeeze you with a hug myself - someday, sister, we'll meet. And, someday I'll get my opportunity to go to the conference. Obviously, God didn't intend for it to be this year, but He hasn't left me with nothing to do. I'm starting edits on second contracted book, and he gave me another story that I started writing while on vacation. Just when we need it, God makes Himself "visible" and "heard."

  4. Such a fantastic post, Susan! THANK YOU! :D

  5. I read this yesterday but didn't have time to comment. Wanted to say it really blessed me. Thanks for sharing. : )