Wednesday, October 10, 2012

Blessing Wednesday

Hey all. Hope you are all are having a fantastic week. This week has had some bumps around here, but today I want to get out of that funk and count my blessings--because there is ALWAYS something to be thankful for. We may have to dig a bit deeper some weeks, but God's blessings abound. So come on, let's start racking them up:)

Today I am thankful for:

~Good friends who make me laugh. I have been blessed with some seriously funny people in my life.

~That my children are all safe and healthy here at home. Even after a tough day with them all yesterday, I could tuck them in, pray over them, and kiss their warm little cheeks.

~That God partners with us in everything we do. I don't have to rely on my wisdom, I get to draw from an Infinite Source.

~That though my chicken turned out more like jerky last night, I still had a warm meal on the table.

~Edy's Slow-Churned Smores Ice Cream

I pray God showers you with blessings this week, my friends. You know the drill by now, share some here! I love to hear how He's working in others' lives, and it always makes me realize even more of the blessings in mine.

Have a great week!


  1. Yay for blessings! Like:

    -Being able to wear a cute hat to work when I so don't feel like doing my hair in the morning.
    -A truly wonderful quiet time this morning.
    -A phone call from my mom before work just to say "hi."


    1. Ha! I pull mine into a pony tail, but a cute hat would be SO much better! Do you wear Stormy Kromers? My BFF is all about them.

  2. "That God partners with us in everything we do. I don't have to rely on my wisdom, I get to draw from an Infinite Source.' LOVE this!!!

    I'm thankful that I can stay home when my kids need rest after sickness and my boss not ream me for it. :) Flexibility, I guess in a nutshell.

    1. I need that Infinite Source b/c my wisdom is not all that great on its own:) So glad you've had the time to be home and rest - praying everyone is on the mend!

  3. As always, I love reading your blessings list! It could be my list . . . minus the "jerky chicken," lol! We had tacos. ;-)

    Well, considering that I've got to substitute teach 8 school days in row . . . I'm very thankful for that! As well as the additional 7 days that I have scheduled for this month. WOWZA! Talk about God's favor overflowing! :D

    I'm also thankful for long, relaxing evenings with the family.

    Hope you have a great week, Susan!

    1. You've been busy! Know you love the teaching though, so big blessing:) **hugs** my friend!