Wednesday, October 24, 2012

Blessing Wednesday

I love that picture, don't you? Maybe it's because I wait for this time of year all year long. I absolutely adore Fall...even those leaves that blanket my ground. But it wasn't just the cool photo of the leaf I liked, it was the reminder to be thankful for "every little thing".

So today I am thankful for:

~My shoes. Yep. Not everyone has a pair, and I have several. What a blessing.

~Warm milk with honey in it.

~Dropbox. I'm not normally a techno-girl, but this has been a huge help with all my writerly files.

~All three of my kids bonding together over a game called Mindcraft. No. It's not a board game like we used to play, but I still see them all playing together, helping each other, and laughing. Music to this mama's ears.

~And this one's not so little. Both my mom and brother had surgeries this week. They both were successes, went incredibly well, and the two are now at their homes healing. Big-time thanks here!

So what's on your "every little thing" list this week?


  1. I didn't know! Praying for quick recoveries. I too am thankful for Dropbox. :)

    I'm thankful for gifted musical artists. At the touch of a button, I can bring whatever I want into the house. It's a mood creator and I love it!

    1. Thanks, friend:) And oh how I love Pandora, too! Music is a complete mood setter around here! In fact, think I'll find some dance music and bust a few moves right now;)

  2. I'm thankful when God urges someone to send me an encouraging word at just the right time - when I need a lift.

    1. So true, Paula:) I love how God weaves us all together through His spirit...He's so good that way!

  3. Fun! My every little things today:
    -Groceries! I finally stocked my fridge last night which means I'll be eating more than carrots today. :) Hehehe! (No, I'm not struggling to afford groceries--I'm just too lazy to go shop! LOL!)
    -My iPhone. I know, it seems silly. But I love texts throughout the day from people I love.
    -A wonderful quiet time with God this morning.

    And a big thing--meeting my editor, touring Bethany House, going to a writing retreat--all in one weekend. I'm still basking in the surrealness of it all. :)

    1. I loved seeing your pics from the weekend - I was smiling just looking at them all! And I feel ya on the groceries thing. I am beyond lazy on that yes, a stocked fridge is a blessing for MANY reasons -LOL!

  4. I am thankful for ... snow! Yep, it's snowing in Colorado as I type this.
    And for, which allows me to have fun with the photos I post on my blog and FB pages -- and I am not a techy-girl.
    And for God's unlimited grace.
    Yes, that most of all.