Wednesday, October 31, 2012

Blessing Wednesday

That about says it all, doesn't it? Especially in the face of the storm out East. I'm gonna keep counting my blessings today, but the biggest of all is our weather over here. A little rain, a little wind, a little cold...nothing compared to what others went through.

But I'm also blessed by:

~my dear friend Jean who allowed me to guest blog over by her at Sislyn Stewart's From the Church House. But she didn't simply put up my post, she gave me some incredibly encouraging words and those were a BIG blessing to me.

~My quiet time in the morning. God is ever-so-faithful to meet me in that time, and it's a big blessing to my day.

~The guys who come and cart away my leaves...they are a HUGE blessing. We bag our yard, as does our entire neighborhood, and they come and carry those bags away.

~Blessed by a even have memories is a blessing for some of us, and this past week I looked over and saw my daughter, Ella, pull a pose that exactly mimicked that of my grandmother. It was uncanny how she looked JUST like her! I'm blessed by a God who carries on generations and gives us those little moments to remember those closest to us.

~Blessed by my BFF who helped me pull off this skirt. I mean, come on, my youngest wanted to be a peacock for Halloween. A peacock, people. Thanks to Pinterest and my crafty friend, she now can be:)

Hope you all are filled with blessings this week - please share. And eats lots of chocolate tonight...unless that's not your thing, then enjoy an apple or something:) Be blessed!


  1. I'm blessed for a dad that is willing to take me on Vacation with him, even though he has to go out of the way to help me get there with him!

  2. Lots of blessings this week. I was at my childhood church on Sunday and it's always fun to see people who have known me my entire life. They're endlessly encouraging! Another blessing--solid writing time over the weekend. That productivity felt gooood. And my brother, who lives in New Jersey, though without power, is safe. Thanks God.

    1. So glad your brother is safe. Praying his power comes on soon. And happy you got some writing time in.

  3. Love that skirts! I'm thankful for crafty friends, as I am not. You saw what I'm going as for Halloween! lol

    1. HA! I thought it was incredibly creative...still giggling...and sorry I made you snort your tea;)

  4. Loving that peacock outfit! Hope your daughter had a blast! Thankful for a great report for my Pastor - his cancer is in remission! Praise the Lord!

    Thanks for stopping by Life Lessons! I view self-control and discipline as close cousins. And I can definitely relate to the struggle you experience with getting up early. Since I've taken writing more seriously, I'm attempting to get up a little earlier in order to get everything done.

    Have a blessed week, my friend! Hugs to you! :)

  5. What a beautiful skirt! I'm sure your daughter looked great. I really enjoyed reading you guest post. Is. 26:3-4 is a special passage for me too. Thanks for the reminder to obey and trust our Rock Eternal.