Friday, October 19, 2012

(Fill-in-the-blank) Shelf Friday

Author Beth Vogt posted a great quote at the beginning of this week on her blog:

"It's the job that's never started as takes longest to finish." J.R.R. Tolkien

It got me thinking, and doing. Sure, I only got my basket-full-o-socks matched that day, but it was one job that had been staring me down for far too long. And I want to finish a few more things this week.

I have lots of other shelves that can be cleaned off:
~my refrigerator shelves...pretty sure there's things growing in there that shouldn't be growing.

~my pantry shelves...after discovering I'd eaten moldy corn tortilla shells, well, that's a clue to clean out those shelves.

~my closet. Nuff said.

~my youngest daughter's birthday scrapbook. I'm a HUGE procrastinator on these, but they've become traditions for the kids and I love them when they're done. It's their entire year at a glance.

~my email inbox

~my kids' schoolwork and grades. It's all piled together on one shelf, and I need to organize it and put the grades into the computer. Since they get paid on a sliding grade scale (don't judge. yes, we pay our kids for their grades...and yes, we all makes sense to us), they're anxiously waiting for me to do this one.

I obviously cannot finish these all this weekend, especially not with the rate at which the leaves are falling. But I can start one of them. What about you? Do you have a shelf/project that needs tackling? If so, fill in the blank above, and tell me what you're up to this weekend. I think mine's going to be sorting through the past year in pictures to find the couple hundred I want...there's only a few thousand to go through. WHO gave me a camera?

Have a GREAT weekend! And don't forget to PLAY too!


  1. I need to tackle my closet. And my garage.
    But I'll probably spend the weekend, reading on my patio and doing some writing and making a gooey butter pumpkin cake for book club on Monday!

    BTW, I am all caught up on Revenge, so I know how Season 1 ended! :)

    1. Stayed up late, did ya?;)

      You gotta share that recipe--either email it or put it up with the review when you do it! Yum!!

  2. Some of those tasks sound fun. But I LOVE organizing. I need to make time for my storage closet shelves. They're not too bad but could use a little more organization so I can fit more in there.

    Ooh, did someone say Revenge? I'm watching an episode right now :)

    1. Jess just blasted through season one in like one night.

      I love organizing too...sometimes too much. But lately it seems things have slipped past me. I'm still in love with your workspace-beautiful!

  3. I have some digital scrapbooking to catch up on, but unfortunately, I didn't get to do any of that over the weekend. I got strep throat on Friday, and was in bed all weekend . . . miserable. :(

    But, I got antibiotics yesterday, and I'm already on the mend! So thankful for that! Strep throat is AWFUL!!!

    Hope you made some progress with your photos -- that's a daunting task for sure. ;-)