Monday, October 1, 2012

Pronoun Replacement

So I went to the ACFW conference. And it was amazing. Uh-maz-ing! Not in the I-got-a-contract-and-will-be-published-next-month amazing, but in the God-was-so-totally-there amazing!

The rest of it—when it happens—will be pretty cool too. But I gotta tell you, nothing beats the presence of God.

And He was there. Every single moment of every single day.

Even when I stumbled.

See. Things were going great until Friday night. In fact, I had such peace I know it had to have been ticking satan off. My normal introvert ways were nowhere to be seen, and I didn’t even break a sweat with my first appointment with editors. So by Friday night, I think satan decided to hit me with a one-two punch. Insecurities started to flood in. Those small thoughts that magnify before you even know it.  It all started with one thought:

“I really messed up at lunch today.”


“I said the wrong thing to that woman.”
“I handed out the wrong sheet.”
”I stuck my foot in my mouth completely with that one.”
“I asked the wrong question.”
“I bet they don’t really like me.”

And on and on it went. I, I, I…until God leaned down and whispered:

“You’re using the wrong pronoun. Stop with the “I” and start with the “you”.

“You, God are good.”
“You, God, are holy.”
“You, God, have ordained my steps.”
“You, God, keep my mind in perfect peace.”
“You, God, are bigger than my mess-ups.”
And “You, God, LOVE ME!”

Because the truth of it is, I don’t want people seeing me. I want them to see Him. And sometimes He’s seen best in the grace of my mess-ups, because His power is made perfect in my weaknesses.

So I go up Saturday morning and headed down to the prayer room and put Him back at the center. I removed the word “I” and replaced it with “you” and was blown away by the things HE did that day.

What about you? Are you using that “I” word too much? I challenge you today to replace it with “you” and point back to His promises and truth. It’ll change your entire day.

You, Lord, are forgiving and good, abounding in love to all who call on you. Psalm 86:5


  1. Struck a chord in me, sister! I think we're all guilty of using the wrong pronoun on occasion.

    And yes, they really liked you.

    And hey, if it makes you feel better when sending requested info to my now agent, I mis-spelled my own first name. Yeah. Yeah, I did. :)

    1. I just snorted - seriously, I did. My kids are like "Mom! You OKAY?"

      thank you. I needed that.

    2. Oh, Jessica, I just love you, girlfriend -- no matter how you spell your name!

  2. Haha! That's a lesson right there, Jess!! All the things we usually worry about don't matter when God has his hand in it!!! And does it make you feel better not to have been 8 minutes late to any of your appointments, Susan? Yep, I kept the one that didn't matter as much quite perfectly, and about missed the one I really needed to be at-- but hey, now I can say, if anything does happen from the request for a full from that 7 minute appointment, that God did it despite me. God works his perfect will despite us all day long every day though, doesn't he?? :D

    1. YES Dawn! And He loves to remind us of that, right? It's ALL Him! Love that He works DESPITE us;)

  3. This is my first visit to your blog -- but it won't be my last.
    Thank you for encouraging me this morning -- and helping me keep my focus straight (and my pronouns in order.) It was a delight to meet you at ACFW.

    1. :) You too Beth. So glad to have a chance to meet with you and chat across a noisy table - HA! And I just saw your author's verse today and smiled...that's one I have posted up too. I so desire HIM to establish this work of my hands. Have a blessed day!

  4. Wow, awesome perspective. Thank you, Susan. :)

    1. Hey Sheri! Been thinking of you! Hope all is well over in your neck of the woods...or farm...or wide-open-space;)

  5. Oh goodness, this is so, so good, Susan. Exactly what I needed today...what I need everyday, methinks! Thank you for the challenge to use the right pronoun. :)

    1. Yep...I'm working on it too...hope you had a FANTABULOUS birthday Melissa:)

  6. Such great advice! And thanks for the advice :) I'm glad you had a good time at the ACFW conference!

  7. Well I swapped advice with you today:) Loved your blog too - and thanks so much for stopping by here. And yes, the ACFW conference was amazing, I'm already ready to sign up for next year.

  8. So glad to hear that the conference was amazing!! And thank you for this great post!! Such a great reminder, because I can get bogged down by this too.

    Thanks for keeping it real, and helping us keep things in perspective, Susan! It's so appreciated!