Monday, November 26, 2012

Christmas is Coming!

Hey everyone! I hope you all had a great, restful, sugar-filled, turkey-rocking, blessed Thanksgiving with family and friends. We've gone through all the leftovers, and I'm getting ready to turn on my Jillian Micheal's Ripped in 30 DVD--no, not because I'm under the delusion of losing weight amidst this cookie-filled season, but I'm going to try and offset all the yumminess I'm encountering. Hey, it's my Christmas dream, let me live it.

Oh, and I finished my puzzle! All 1000 crazy shaped, each-one-looks-alike, took me way too many hours to do, puzzle. Here's a hint, don't start a big puzzle on the table you plan to set for Thanksgiving dinner only days before Thanksgiving.

But, truly, can you even believe it's Christmas time? I LOVE this time of year! And as we close out the year, I'm going to really be working on my 2012 Word of the year which was Time...spending time with my family, with my kids (who are growing much too fast), with friends who live in the area...and spending time getting to know all of you even better. Because while I'd love to have you all over for a big ol' cookie swap and party, I think the logistics wouldn't work too well. So rather than my devotions on Mondays, each Monday between now and Christmas I'm going to be posing a Christmas question.  I can't wait to see your answers! 

Today I want to know:

What's your favorite Christmas song and movie?

Here's mine!

Song: (especially this version)

Movie: (because I laugh, each and every time I see this movie...this is one of my favorite clips)

So, what's your favorites?


  1. Struggling here to narrow down favorites. I have always liked Amy Grant's Breath of Heaven. As for movies, I like The Santa Clause, but I also like Polar Express and just about any holiday movie that comes on Hallmark because I'm a sucker for all of those "chick" movies.

    1. Oh, I love Hallmark movies. They are cheese-a-licious! Hubby rolls his eyes at me when I watch them:) And Breath of Heaven has long been one of my favorites too, I still have that Christmas album of hers!

  2. Ooh, fun question! My favorite Christmas movie is, without a doubt, It's a Wonderful Life. But I love all the oldies...and yes, Elf is hilarious, too. Favorite song--probably O Holy Night, but I have to love Bing Crosby singing White Christmas too. :)

    And good job on the Jillian Michaels workout. I do those every once in awhile...and they kill me every time. Probably because of that "once in awhile" part. Hahaha!

    1. Bing Crosby! White Christmas is still one of my favorite songs AND movies, though I watch it alone every year because Doug doesn't like old movies!He will watch It's a Wonderful Life if it's on Christmas Eve and we're wrapping - great pick!

      And I don't think it's the "once in awhile" b/c she kills me EVERY time! Thank goodness for the pause button!