Monday, November 12, 2012

He's Still working...

I was reading Lazarus' story this week. He got sick, so his sisters called on Jesus to come and heal him. And Jesus, who was not in their town but near-by, sent back word that Lazarus' sickness would not end in death.

And then he died.

And I thought, ya know, that happens sometimes, doesn't it? We pray for something, we hear an answer, and then something else happens entirely. And we're left a little shell-shocked, wondering what just happened, and where in the world is God?

When in reality, He's still working, and He's only a town away.

See, God doesn't do things the way we picture them or with our preconceived notions. He may give an answer, but that doesn't mean we'll know how we'll arrive there. I mean, raising a man from the dead? No way anyone could have seen that. It blew their minds. It blows MY mind. But that's God. When He gives you an answer He's speaking the truth, because that's all He can speak. So hold onto it, even when it seems your dream is dying. You have no idea what He may be up to. And the reality is that sometimes things need to die in our lives before He can bring new life. But that doesn't mean he's not working, not moving, or not listening.

He's doing all those things.

Working in your darkness. Getting ready to move in His time. And hearing your every cry. 

Don't think for a moment that the tears you shed in the waiting go unnoticed. When He finally showed up and sees Martha, Mary, and their friends weeping, look at how it affects Him:

When Jesus saw her weeping, and the Jews who had come along with her also weeping, he was deeply moved in spirit and troubled...Jesus wept. John 11:33,35)

He cries with us. When all seems dead around us, not only is He still working, but He's crying in our pain with us.

So if everything around you seems dead right now, just know He can call it back to life. Believe and hold to what He's told you. And wait on Him, because He's the God who can blow your mind with what He's going to do.


  1. I love this, Susan. When we wanted to have a family we tried for over a year to get pregnant, but I remember God had whispered a yes into my heart, so I didn't know why I wasn't pregnant. I had to learn to trust in Him and His timing, and now I can see why. Our next pregnancy took two months and then we were able to get pregnant a third time the first month we tried - and we had twins! Four children, and a thousand memories later, I can see why God did things the way He did with the first pregnancy. He amazed me.

    1. Beautiful story, Gabrielle. It's so hard to walk in faith when we cannot see what He's doing, even though I KNOW that's what faith is. Hearing others' stories reminds me how faithful He is, and that we're not in this alone :)

  2. Awesome! And that picture is cracking me up! lol

    1. I know, right?! I giggle each time I see it. I think that's SO often how I look to God;)

  3. Beautiful and encouraging post, Susan. Thank you!