Wednesday, April 3, 2013

Learn the Word #7

Hi everyone:) It's time for a new verse to learn and Pin. I'm trying something new. You should be able to hover your mouse over the image and it will ask you if you want to Pin It.  Though on iPad's and such, you may need to tap the image. Play with it. I did a trial run on Hubby's iPad last night and it worked, but I'm not too techno-savvy, so we'll see what happens when I put it out to you all!

Praying this verse impacts you as much as it has me recently. I'll be talking about it next Wednesday. For now, add it to your list. 

AND, it's time to draw a name for April's participants. I've heard from you on Facebook, in comments here, and been watching who pins the verses. If you've been participating and learning along with me in any way, I want to let you know I've seen it and encourage you to keep trying. This is not about perfection, this is about letting God's Word sink into our hearts and minds. Every time you say the verse, every time you look at it again, it's working it's way inside of you. Keep it up! His Word never returns void!

Be blessed this week:)


  1. This is one of those verses I actually do have memorized, but can never remember where in the psalms it is. My challenge this week: nail the reference!! Loving these challenges, Susan. Just pinned it!

  2. It's funny b/c I have read Psalms who knows how many times, and about a month ago this verse leapt off the pages as if I'd never seen it! Love how God's Word is always fresh:) Good luck on those references, Melissa!