Wednesday, April 24, 2013

Learn the Word Verse #8

I posted this verse last week as our verse #8 in the wake of a pretty crazy week. Ever since then, I've worked hard to put this verse into practice. I've turned off the news. I've gotten up to spend time in God's Word. I've put on my worship music. And I gotta say, it's working. Ever notice where your mind is, there goes your attitude too? I tell you, our thought life is a powerful thing. It can make or break us. That's why this verse is so important to not simply memorize, but to live out.

So what about you? What do you do that helps you keep your mind on true, noble, pure, lovely things? 

Praying you're week is blessed:)


  1. So true, Susan. Thank you for the reminder.

  2. Oh, how many times my mom has said this verse to me when I'm mopey about this or that. :) Such a good one. Good music, time alone with God and a bubble bath help me keep my mind on the good stuff.