Wednesday, May 15, 2013

Learn the Word Verse #10

I heard this verse in church a few weeks ago and it encouraged me so much. I knew when I heard it I wanted it to be one we memorized. First to know we're lacking nothing spiritual in Him, second to be reminded that we're eagerly waiting for Him, and third to know He's going to keep us strong until He comes back. I can use all those reminders in my spirit on a daily basis. All too often I feel drained to my very core, like maybe I don't have what it takes to fulfill His calling on my life--this verse helps me remember He's already supplied it, I just need to tap into it. And allow HIM to be my strength.

Praying for you today! 

(Oh, and a side note: I'm supposed to be pulling a name today for April's learners, but I'm still away from my computer through next Wednesday. So I'll be pulling that name on May 29th. I haven't forgotten!)


  1. That is an awesome verse. You know, sometimes it's easy to think, well, I don't have the gift of encouragement or whatever...but it's the truth, with the Holy Spirit in us, we seriously DON'T lack any spiritual gift!

  2. What a great verse, Susan!! Thank you for sharing. So encouraging.

  3. This is such an encouraging verse, Susan! Love it!!