Wednesday, June 5, 2013

Learn the Word Wednesday - Verse #11

Okay. This verse grabbed me for oh-so-many reasons.

1) "I will extol"...extol means: "to praise enthusiastically"...this verse challenges me to not simply give lip service but to connect my emotions to those words. To lift up my hands and my voice and PRAISE him.

2) "at all times"...that means that in every situation: fear, anger, tiredness, sadness, happiness, put-your-emotion-in-here, in all those moments of my day, I need to commit to praising Him. Not when those feelings go away, but to MAKE those feelings go away. Praising ushers in His presence like a blanket when we need comforting, a wind when we need issues blown away from us, a fire when we need traits burnt off of us. You get the picture.

3) "his praise"...because ALL praise belongs to Him and if I'm praising Him it shifts the praise from me. Forcing me to be humble and remember anything I have--gifts, talents, blessings--belongs to Him and come from Him.

4) "be on my lips"...Oh! So need this part. If His praise is on my lips then there's no room for gossip, lying, angry words, or any other thing that shouldn't be coming out of my mouth to escape. I'm discovering lately that when I find myself at a loss for words I can use, praise is an awesome substitute:)

Praying this verse touches you today as you commit it to heart and mind. We're halfway through the year, don't give up! Not looking for perfection, just progress. And there's nothing better than soaking yourself in His Word. 


  1. I'm at work...praising. Because this is so true. It makes a huge difference. :) Loved!!

  2. Thank you, Susan. There's so much packed into this small verse, and perfect to commit to memory. Praising Him today, and always!

  3. There is power in praise! Love this verse :)