Monday, July 29, 2013

Making Plans? Check With Your Planner First.

This past week my youngest was playing with her friend next door. It was nearing bedtime, so I called her in, but she was in the middle of "delivering invitations" to her friend and asked for a few more minutes. I agreed and started watering my plants. A few minutes later she came home and excitedly shared that she and her friend had made invitations for a Build-A-Bear party they were going to have the next morning.

Problem was? We weren't going to be home the next morning.

Her little face fell as I told her this. "But I've got to be here, Mom. I already made the plans." Unfortunately, ours couldn't be changed and she hadn't checked with me first. She wasn't happy, but she asked if she could quickly go change the date. I told her what days we'd be home that week and she ran off.

I stood there thinking...huh...pretty sure I do that to you, God. I make plans and charge ahead with them, then I'm upset when they don't work. Only I never checked with you first.

God's Word says, "For I know the plans I have for you..." Jeremiah 29:11. It doesn't say, "For you know the plans I have for you," and that's because He's our planner. He created them. Penciled them into our life calendar. We just sometimes forget to check with Him and use our own calendar instead.

The story doesn't end there though. Like I said, before my girl ran off, I told her when we would be home and what date she could have the party on. I'd even help her with it. With a nod, she took off, scooped up all the invitations she'd delivered, and then sat to re-write them at the neighbor's. Ten minutes later she came home, and we headed inside. As we walked through the door she told me she'd changed the party to Friday afternoon. I looked at her, surprised, and reminded her we wouldn't be home on Friday and that I'd already told her that.

And while she'd heard, she still decided Friday was the perfect day to move it to--she simply figured I'd adjust and come along anyway.

She cried when I held my ground. She tried to get me to change our plans. But it wasn't happening, and she refused to change hers "again". I told her she'd miss the party. She didn't believe me and stubbornly refused to make another change.

Friday came and all day she reminded me of when her party was, and I reminded her we wouldn't be home. When 3:09 rolled around (the time on her invitations) and we weren't home, her tears started--she missed her party.

And again, I heard God speaking, because there are times when we check with Him about the plans for our life, only we don't like what He has to say. We stubbornly cling to what we want, praying He'll give us those desires...only to see that day, that opportunity, that position--whatever it may be--come and go. We cry or get upset, and all the while He's there reminding us...

I told you that wasn't for you, but I also told you that over here--this--this is for you. I'll meet you there. I'll help you there. You just have to change your plans to meet the ones I already have for you.

Why do we stubbornly cling to imperfection (because anything less than what He has for us is imperfect) when what He has is perfect?

Today I'm challenging you, and myself, to check out the plans we're making and lay them at His feet. Ask Him if they are truly where and what He's calling you to, and if He says anything other than "YES", be willing to throw your planner out for His.


  1. This is SO fitting for me. I'm a planner. I love to make plans. And yeah, I can get stubborn about them. But God has been working on me with that...stretching me out and teaching me to be a little more flexible. After all, bending to his will is SO much better than rigidly standing still in my will.

  2. As my chin clunks against my chest...guilty! Ditto Melissa's comment. It's a daily struggle to chuck my planner out the window and be open to God's PERFECT plan, but I'm working on it. Lovely, Susan!

  3. This is one of the things I struggle with as I am a planner. I like to have everything planned right down to the last detail. It's something I struggle with and pray about (me letting go not God bending to my plan). :)

  4. I hear you ladies! I'm constantly working on it too:) God enjoys stretching me in this way because Im such a planner myself and have to rely so closely on him when I let go of my plans.

  5. First Susan, that must have been so hard to deal with your daughter. Watching her through the entire process. My stomach would have been in knots right up until 3:09.
    Your story opens my eyes to how many times I've not only disappointed God but how often have I saddened him with my stubborn attitude?
    Definitely something to work on.
    Thanks for sharing.