Wednesday, September 11, 2013

Learn the Word - Verse #18 God IS our portion!!

Like I said last week, I hadn't planned on using Lamentations 3:24 for verse #18, but God did:) Here it is and then we'll chat!

I love this verse on so many levels. Biblically, it comes right on the heels of the verse that says His mercies are new every morning, then we go into this verse saying He is our portion. Every day He is more than enough. In every situation.

It's like when we're hungry. Our stomach rumbles and we search for food. My kids do this all the time. They don't want to wait for the healthy meal I'm fixing. No. If their stomach is growling, they want whatever is in front of them. (Come on, you've gone grocery shopping when you're hungry. What do you come home with?) 

God knows we're going to grow hungry. Hungry for that answer. The deliverance. The next step in our journey. But He also knows only He can satisfy our hunger, and just like sometimes we need to wait for that meal to hit the table, we need to wait on Him--not fill ourselves up on empty spiritual calories.

So pin this verse. Add it to your arsenal of sharpened swords. Because the next time you start to hunger for what only God can fill remember--He alone is your portion. Wait on Him and be satisfied!

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