Wednesday, October 9, 2013

Learn the Word - Verse #20

Here's the verse we are currently memorizing:

The second half of this year we've been focusing on verses to help us remember the many names of God. Those names speak to His attributes, and for verse twenty I chose Our Comforter.

And there was a specific reason I also chose this picture to go along with it. That lovely white down comforter right there. It's how I pictured God when I see Him as our comforter. Pure white, hiding all my darkness under Him. Soft. Warm. A place to curl up into and rest.

In our days we find all sorts of trouble. Maybe some days it finds us. Depression. Loss. Sickness. Torn relationships. And I'm sure you can add to the list. But we have a Father who is full of compassion and always open-armed, waiting to wrap us up in Him.

There is no trouble too big for Him.

And no moment where He doesn't want to snuggle you close.

He's crazy in love with you.

Let Him wrap you in His arms today.

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  1. Love this, Susan. Especially on a day when I'm SUPER tired and do just want to wrap up in a quilt and take a nap. :)