Wednesday, October 23, 2013

Learn the Word - Verse #21

It's our second week on this verse, and I chose it really for one reason...then the more I looked at it, that reason changed. God's so good about opening our eyes to His Word as we study it.

When I originally chose this verse it was for the aspect of God's character as our Advocate, and that hasn't changed. However, when I read this verse and chose it, I was focused on my need for an advocate. I mean, let's be honest, I cannot make it through the day without sinning. I tend to run on the short-tempered end of the stick, I'm insecure, I can be selfish...and though God has drastically softened those edges in my life, it is still my natural bend. Catch me when I'm tired and it's only amplified. So the reminder that every day, every single moment, I have someone sitting at the throne of God, speaking on my behalf, covering me with His blood so that I can be clean, well, it is an amazing reminder of God's grace.

So that's why I chose the verse. But as I read, God really spoke about it being bigger than me. Yes, I need the reminder that He is my advocate, but there are others out there who need to KNOW He's there advocate. If we keep this news only for ourselves, we are missing the whole point of it! He's not simply our advocate, but the entire world's. And there is an entire world of hurting people out there who need to know that.

Which brings us full circle to why we're memorizing Scripture this year. Yes, oh yes, it's so we can wield that sword in our own lives. We have daily battles that need winning. But it's also so we can bring the Word to a hurting world around us and point them to the Advocate who is just waiting to cover them. To love them. To make them whole and new.

So add this to your list. Commit it to memory. And be ready to share it, because it's a life-changing message.

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