Wednesday, October 29, 2014

Quotable Wednesday

I loved this quote. It piggy-backed on my Monday post and as a parent, was something I needed to hear. Some days I feel like motherhood has stripped me of all my personality and abilities. I feel like it's not enough. But you know what? That is a lie.

Straight from the pit.

We need to know and understand the Truth of raising these little ones with deep roots in God, fully assure of their purpose for what they were created and full of an unshakable faith. It doesn't matter if you're a mom that works or a mom who stays home, we are all moms and we are all shaping lives of those precious little ones we've been blessed with.

And we are still these amazing women God created us to be. He wove into our purpose and life stories this moment of motherhood. It will be over in a blink. It's not the beginning or end of our story, but only a part of it. A huge part. An incredibly important, shape-your-life-forever part. But it is not all you are.

You are God's. His daughter who is raising another of his children, and in the process he's still raising you:)

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