Monday, November 3, 2014



They are everywhere. Especially in this day and age. And more and more we are trying to identify ourselves by them.

How many followers do I have? How many likes? What does the scale say? My age. Number of friends. How many miles I ran or calories I inhaled. Even how many grey hairs are on this head.  I am sure you can add other numbers that are out there. If you're a writer, a homeschool mom, a business owner or even in ministry, you have numbers you watch. Thing is, we can watch them too closely. We can start to allow them to tell us who we are and what we are worth; our significance. Yet there is only one number we need to look toward. Only one number that can save and tell us anything about ourselves. Only one number that can show us our worth: One.

“By one sacrifice he has made perfect forever those who are being made holy.” Hebrews 10:14

Look at that verse. We all want to be perfect, don't we? It's why we look at those numbers so intently. If I could just weight "X" amount. If I could only score an "X" in that game or on that test. If I have "X" dollars in the bank. If I was still "X" years old. If I obtained "X" many followers...then I'd be worth something. I'd be a type of perfect the world accepts and can use.

But we are missing out on what God has already done. No number can replace what his one sacrifice did on that cross, and when we accept him as Lord and Savior we are viewed as perfect in his sight. Oh, here on earth we are still in the process of being made holy (see the 2nd half of that verse) but in Heaven our names are written down, and God only sees us through the lens of his son's sacrifice.

One God.
One sacrifice.
One truth.

One. It is the only number that can tell you your worth. He created you. He knows how valuable you are. How beautiful. How unique. And even if you had been the only one on this planet, he still would have died just for you.

So today let's stop looking at all the numbers swirling around us and look to the One who loves us beyond measure:)

What numbers do you struggle attaching significance to in your life?


  1. Well, you started my "working" November off right! It's so hard to ignore the numbers sometimes, but focusing on God makes it possible. Thanks, Susan!

    1. :) You're welcome, Jill:) This is one of those posts that I'm going to keep talking to myself on. Focusing on him, yes!

  2. Replies
    1. :) Hey there! Like I said to Jill, this is one of those things that I"m speaking to myself loudly and it just spilled over to the blog:) Glad it spoke to you too!

  3. Awesome post, Susan! As a scientist, I'm a numbers/goal-oriented kind of girl and I fall into this trap so easily. Thanks for the reminder that only One matters.

    1. :) I can see that! Teaching Chemistry to my oldest this year, lots of numbers!!

  4. As a very new blogger/aspiring writer this couldn't have come at a better time! Thanks for the reminder, He is the only reason we do what we do, to bring him Honor! The only sacrifice and one that matters!

  5. I hear ya!! It's a struggle to not put too much into those numbers, isn't it? It's a constant coating my mind with God's word and speaking His truth that's helping over here:)