Friday, December 12, 2014

Bookshelf Friday - One December Night by Melissa Tagg and other fun stuff:)

Before I get started I need to let you know who won my November Bookshelf...
Jessica Jaroch
you win the book of your choice. Just let me know which you'd like and I"ll get it to you!

As for today's bookshelf, I wanted to highlight one of my friend's books because she's doing something super cool, she's giving it away for free! It's a novella ebook that ties into a small town she created called Whisper Shore. If you've read other books by Melissa Tagg, you'll not only recognize the town but maybe even some of the people:) Here's a blurb and then I'll tell you how to snag it on the other side.

Librarian Pennilynn Baxter likes life the way she likes her bookshelves—neat and tidy, arranged just so. Niggling doubts aside, getting engaged to the nice man she’s been dating for two years is the obvious next step, right?
But on the snowy evening of the expected proposal, Penn discovers someone’s been squatting in the old Victorian house she inherited from her grandparents. She finds herself back in picturesque Whisper Shore, Michigan, facing off with an intruder named Will who may not be what he seems.
As charming as the house he’s taken over, Will pushes past the reserve that has kept Penn from living the brave life she craves. And one December night in the house she used to love in the town she used to adore changes everything.
With cold nights and brightly lit Christmas trees to curl up next to, tis the season for reading. It you'd like to snag Melissa's novella, just click right here and download it from the blog post. And while you're there, check out her website and learn more about her and her books. Trust me, you'll LOVE them...and they make great stocking stuffers:)
Oh, and here's two other pretty neat giveaways going on right now by a few other friends. Each giveaway involves one of my favorite things...books! Enjoy:)


  1. Hey Susan, thanks sooo much for sharing about One December Night. I had so much writing that short story and revisiting Whisper Shore. Thanks bunches for sharing it with your readers. You rock!!

    1. :) thanks for sharing your gift!!:) merry Christmas, friend!

  2. Thanks for letting me know, and thanks to Melissa for a chance to visit Whisper Shore again.

    Have a great weekend!