Monday, December 8, 2014

Don't Pull That Trigger

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I was having a talk with a group of ladies this week and somehow we ended up on the subject of rejection. And believe me, it's a subject I know well. I'm a writer who's yet to be published:) But it's also a subject so many of us feel. We're women. We've been through junior high and high school. We've had relationships and friendships. We've walked into a room where no one talks to us or we've had people, friends, husbands, or family members turn on us. If we're walking on this earth, we've experienced rejection. And for women who are so relational it can cut deep.

But here's the thing, while we can't stop rejection, we can stop letting it be a trigger. Stop letting it determine how we feel, the decisions we make, or how we see ourselves. Because while living down here on this terra firma means we'll encounter rejection, being a daughter of the King means we'll never be rejected.

When we know who we are in Him, we can be secure in how people see us. Oh, rejection will never cause us to break into song or skip down our path, but we don't have to allow ourselves to be defined by it. Our emotions and well-being don't have to be swayed by it. We can realize that our acceptance need only be found in our Father. We can decide that when the answer is "no" that He's still working out the plan for our lives. We can understand that not everyone is going to love us, but God always has and always will.

And that is when we start to overcome rejection rather than letting it overcome us.

How do you handle rejection when it comes your way? Are you standing on the firm ground of who God created you to be and resting in His arms? I pray today you find that spot and stick:) 


  1. Hi Susan,

    Some rejections hurt so deep that I can't even speak to my husband about them. Bit I can always turn to God. I often find my self praying through the Psalms during the darkest days.

  2. I completely agree, Jackie:) Rejection can cut deep and God is the only one to close those gashes.