Wednesday, January 14, 2015

Blessings & Beauty

As I stared down some answers I didn't want to receive last year, God challenged me once again to count my blessings. For those of you who've been around a while, I did this a few years back. This year I'm starting over. Here's my challenge, and I hope you'll join me:

Every day I find one thing to be thankful for. Each Wednesday I'll be posting that week's list here. But God pushed it even farther. Because this year's word is Masterpiece, and it's centered on finding our worth in Christ, he's pushing me to notice beauty. Our beauty. The beauty of those around us. Even the beauty he lavishes on us because he loves us. (think about it, a man in love gives gifts: flowers, jewelry, sweet words...our God is no different.)

So, on Wednesdays I'll have my week of blessings list along with some picture or recounting of beauty I've noticed. I'll be honest, I'm not sure what all this is going to look like, but I've discovered when I follow God along the path he's illuminating it always ends in a pretty cool place. So...praying you come along for the journey. I'd love to hear your blessings or even the beauty you discover.


1) freshly fallen snow
2) a restful end to our Christmas break
3) watching my little girl smile as she nailed a handstand
4) food in my cupboards
5) peaceful sleep while my husband was gone
6) warm air wrapping around me as I watch the fresh snow fall:)
7) laughter


This girl is my BFF (we've morphed into twins through the years). I see nothing but beauty when I look at her. Her servant's heart. Her unmatched love for her family. She is a selfless wife and mother. I have learned how to love better simply by knowing her. She's been one of the biggest gifts God ever gave me. Plus, she makes me laugh, and there is something so beautiful in laughter.

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  1. Laughter is another good gift from God! Thanks for the reminder to count our blessings.