Wednesday, February 18, 2015

Blessings & Beauty

Morning all:) Time to take note of some of the blessings and beauty around us...

~cozy slippers
~peppermint tea (which I've only recently discovered I'm madly in love with)
~the realization that I am not perfect, and people know this, accept it, and love me still
~watching my children finally understand a concept they've struggled with in school
~God's help in parenting
~safety on these slick roads
~God's amazing provision in so many ways--both tangible and spiritually--as we still walk through the grieving process of my father-in-law. Understanding that grief has no timetable, but God is definitely in every step of it.


Ok. I'm going there. Simply because I have to...after waking up to another morning where someone shook Michigan's snow globe, I needed an attitude adjustment. So I decided to try to see the beauty in all this snow. (I haven't found it in the cold temps yet.) And where else to find beauty in a place you can't see it but God's word. We all know this verse, so rather than seeing those mounting flakes as a nuisance, I'm going to try this week to view them as how God pictures snow.

Have a beautiful week, friends!

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